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By Robert Harmsen, Menno Spiering

The sped up speed of eu integration because the early Nineties has been followed by means of the emergence of more and more favorite and multiform oppositions to the method. The time period Euroscepticism has seemed with growing to be frequency in a number political, media, and educational discourses. but, the label is utilized to a variety of various, and sometimes contradictory, phenomena. even if initially linked to an English exceptionalism relative to a Continental undertaking of political and financial integration, the time period Euroscepticism is now additionally pointed out with a extra normal wondering of ecu Union associations and guidelines which unearths assorted expressions around the complete continent. This quantity of eu stories brings jointly an interdisciplinary staff of individuals to supply one of many first significant, multinational surveys of the expansion of those Eurosceptic developments. person chapters offer distinctive examinations of advancements in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the uk, eire, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Switzerland. total, the amount attracts a particular portrait of latest Euroscepticism, situating the phenomenon not just relative to the growth of ecu integration, but additionally with regards to broader questions involved in the evolution of social gathering politics and the reshaping of nationwide identities.Contents:

Authors during this quantity Robert HARMSEN and Menno SPIERING: creation: Euroscepticism and the Evolution of ecu Political Debate Paul HAINSWORTH, Carolyn O’BRIEN and Paul MITCHELL: protecting the state: The Politics of Eurosceptisicm at the French correct Susan MILNER: For another Europe: Euroscepticism and the French Left because the Maastricht Treaty Klaus BUSCH and Wilhelm KNELANGEN: German Euroscepticism Robert HARMSEN: Euroscepticism within the Netherlands: Stirrings of Dissent Menno SPIERING: British Euroscepticism Peter J. ANDERSON: A Flag of comfort? Discourse and Motivations of the London-based Eurosceptic Press Karin GILLAND: Irish Euroscepticism Milena SUNNUS: Swedish Euroscepticism: Democracy, Sovereignty and Welfare Anton PELINKA: Austrian Euroscepticism: The Shift From the Left to the precise Petr KOPECKÝ: an ungainly Newcomer? ecu expansion and Euroscepticism within the Czech Republic Aleks SZCZERBIAK: Polish Euroscepticism within the Run-up to ecu Accession Clive H. CHURCH: Swiss Euroscepticism: neighborhood diversifications on Wider topics

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Maastricht was seen as an irreversible step towards a federal Europe – ‘a THE POLITICS OF EUROSCEPTICISM ON THE FRENCH RIGHT 47 Europe of federasts’ (another obvious FN play on words) – under the authority of the Brussels Commission. According to Le Pen: ‘The death of nations is being plotted at Maastricht’ (National Hebdo, 12 December 1991). The TEU was thus tantamount to ‘an organised suicide’ for nation-states (National Hebdo, 24 August 1992). Le Pen aspired to lead the Eurosceptic campaign against Maastricht in 1992, but (as noted above) the fact that Gaullist heavyweights Philippe Séguin and Charles Pasqua broke ranks with their Gaullist pro-Maastricht colleagues enabled these two individuals to emerge as the leading voices in the ‘no’ campaign (see Libération, 9 and 12 September 1992).

The Commission would play a purely administrative role. There would be a common, but not a single currency. National border controls would be reinstated, while tariffs and quotas would be increased THE POLITICS OF EUROSCEPTICISM ON THE FRENCH RIGHT 51 on imports into Europe in order to protect European business and jobs. Immigration into France would be tightened up, with stricter controls on the entry and residency of non-EU nationals. There would be a firm clampdown on illegal immigration and a revision of the nationality code requiring would-be French citizens to declare their allegiance to France and to prove their desire to assimilate into French life.

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