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Energiya - Buran. The Soviet house commute КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Springer & Praxis PublishingАвтор(ы): Bart Hendrickx & Bert VisЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2007Количество страниц: 544ISBN: 978--0-387-69848-9Формат: pdf OCR HQРазмер: 16.2 mb quick 34

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If equipped with a main engine burning liquid ¯uorine (F2 ) and amidol (50% N2 O4 , 50% BH3 N2 H4 ), the reconnaissance and interception versions could change their inclination by 17 for a second target run and the attack version by 7±8 . The interception version could also simultaneously change inclination by 12 and ascend to an altitude of up to 1,000 km. After a mission of maximum three orbits, the spaceplane would ®re its deorbit engine and dive into the atmosphere at a 45±60 angle of attack with the wings folded to near-vertical position, allowing the air stream to ¯ow from the body down to the wings, rather than to the wing leading edges.

3 with a turbopump-fed Dushkin RD-2M-3. The RD-2M-3 was a two-chamber design with a 1,100 kg thrust main chamber and a 300 kg thrust supplementary chamber. Both chambers would be used for take-o€, after which the pilot would shut down the main chamber and use the thrust of the smaller one to search for and engage the target. This technique was more fuel-ecient and allowed the plane to stay in the air longer. A glider version (4302 nr. 1) towed by a Tupolev Tu-2 made 46 ¯ights beginning in 1946.

Outlining their ideas on the future of space¯ight in a joint letter to the government on 5 July 1958, Korolyov and his associate Mikhail Tikhonravov called for developing a manned space capsule in the 1958±1960 timeframe and then to design a manned vehicle ``with a gliding return pro®le'' in 1959±1965 [16]. Preoccupied with work on the R-7 rocket and the ®rst satellites, Korolyov turned to a befriended aircraft designer to start preliminary research on a manned spaceplane. This was Pavel V. Tsybin, who had got acquainted with Korolyov back in the early 1930s while building gliders.

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