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By J. Orstrom Moller

On account that 1945, the realm has moved, haltingly yet relentlessly, towards internationalism. And with th....

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What does it matter whether the social welfare system is good or bad in this or that nation state? The people living in the nation-states and not having or desiring the possibility of moving will gradually but surely feel the pinch, in the sense that they will be on their own. The nation-state will not be able to provide a full-fledged welfare system. The enterprises do not really care because they devote most of their efforts to the elite. The political systems set up to look after the interest of non-elites becomes more and more powerless.

On the domestic scene in Britain the model was based upon the nationstate, which ‘‘protected’’ consumers and producers from too many outside influences. The system was not stationary but focused upon developments and inventions inside the nation-state, assuming a standoff attitude towards outside interference. There was a clear class distinction between the workers, artisans, farmers and the office workers on one side and the capitalists on the other. They all knew where to find their information, as each class had its preferred newspaper.

Looking at how, for example, the United States mobilizes its human resources today, it is by no means evident that this has been accomplished. On the contrary it is abundantly clear that exactly in the United States we see a strong tendency to monopolization of access by the intellectual elite; that is, those who supply the talent and the human resources are those already at the pinnacle. This will have disastrous consequences in the long run. The Anglo-Saxon model also incorporates a potential self-destruct mechanism: the glorification of a large disparity between those in charge of an enterprise and those employed by the enterprise.

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