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6 A. Determine the size in microfarads of a capacitor which will produce the same voltage drop at the same current value. (Neglect the resistance of the inductor. ) 14. A circuit is made up of an inductor, a resistor and a capacitor all wired in series. c. 2 A flows. A voltmeter connected to each of the components in turn indicates 220 V across the inductor, 200 V across the resistor, and 180 V across the capacitor. Calculate the inductance of the inductor and the capacitance of the capacitor. At what frequency would these two components have the same reactance value?

Determine graphically the apparent power input to the machine. 10. f. c. mains. Determine graphically the true power input to the circuit. c. waveform and phasor representation 11. f. lagging. A capacitor which takes 4 A is connected in parallel with the motor. From a phasor diagram drawn accurately to scale, determine the resultant supply current. 12. f. lagging when it is used without its power-factor- improvement capacitor. 2 A, the supply voltage remaining constant at 240 V. Draw the phasor diagram to represent the conditions with and without the capacitor and from it determine the current taken by the capacitor.

If a phasor is required the current is the reference conductor (Figure 7). 21 volts (Note both voltages are higher than the 230 V supply. c. circuits. c. ) 26 Alternating current circuit calculations Exercise 4 1. 036 40 2. 16 3. 04 H. It is connected to a supply of 100 V at 50 Hz. Calculate the current which flows. 4. 075 H and resistance 12 is connected to a 230 V supply at 50 Hz. Calculate the current which flows. 5. 4 6. A capacitor of 16 F and a resistor of 120 Calculate the impedance of the circuit.

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