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By Bill Wagner

C# has matured over the last decade: It’s now a wealthy language with generics, useful programming recommendations, and aid for either static and dynamic typing. This palette of ideas offers nice instruments for lots of diverse idioms, yet there also are some ways to make blunders. In powerful C#, moment version, revered .NET specialist invoice Wagner identifies fifty methods you could leverage the entire energy of the C# 4.0 language to specific your designs concisely and obviously.   potent C#, moment version, follows a transparent structure that makes it necessary to thousands of builders: transparent, functional factors, professional counsel, and lots of lifelike code examples. Drawing on his unsurpassed C# adventure, Wagner addresses every little thing from varieties to source administration to dynamic typing to multicore help within the C# language and the .NET framework. alongside the way in which, he indicates easy methods to keep away from universal pitfalls within the C# language and the .NET setting. You’ll tips on how to   Use either different types of C# constants for potency and maintainability (see merchandise 2) hire immutable information kinds to advertise multicore processing (see merchandise 20) reduce rubbish assortment, boxing, and unboxing (see goods sixteen and forty five) Take complete good thing about interfaces and delegates (see goods 22 even though 25) utilize the parallel framework (see goods 35 via 37) Use duck typing in C# (see merchandise 38) Spot the benefits of the dynamic and Expression kinds over mirrored image (see goods forty two and forty three) investigate why question expressions are larger than loops (see merchandise eight) know how favourite covariance and contravariance impact your designs (see merchandise 29) See how non-compulsory parameters can reduce the variety of technique overloads (see merchandise 10)   You’re already a profitable C# programmer–this ebook can help you turn into an exceptional one.

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You always override instance Equals() and operator==() for value types to provide better performance. You override instance Equals() for reference types when you want equality to mean something other than object identity. Anytime you override Equals() you implement IEquatable. Simple, right? Item 7: Understand the Pitfalls of GetHashCode() This is the only item in this book dedicated to one function that you should avoid writing. GetHashCode() is used in one place only: to define the hash value for keys in a hash-based collection, typically the HashSet or Dictionary containers.

The FormatProvider will be the IFormatProvider object from the GetFormat() method. Format(new CustomFormatter(), "", c1)); You can create IFormatProvider and ICustomFormatter implementations for classes whether or not the class implemented the IFormattable interface. So, even if the class author didn’t provide reasonable ToString() behavior, you can make your own. Of course, from outside the class, you have access to only the public properties and data members to construct your strings. Writing two classes, IFormatProvider and ICustomFormatter, is a lot of work just to get text output.

GetValue(); int i = 0; if (o is int) i = (int)o; If o is some other type that can be converted to an int, such as a double, the is operator returns false. The is operator always returns false for null arguments. The is operator should be used only when you cannot convert the type using as. GetObject(); From the Library of Wow! eBook 18 ❘ Chapter 1 C# Language Idioms MyType t = null; if (o is MyType) t = o as MyType; That’s inefficient and redundant. If you’re about to convert a type using as, the is check is simply not necessary.

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