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By Gerard Gomez, Angel Jorba, Josep J Masdemont

This booklet reviews a number of difficulties on the topic of the research of deliberate or attainable spacecraft missions. it truly is divided into 4 chapters. the 1st bankruptcy is dedicated to the computation of quasiperiodic options for the suggestion of a spacecraft close to the equilateral issues of the Earth-Moon method. the second one bankruptcy provides an entire description of the orbits close to the collinear element "L1", among the Earth and the solar within the limited three-body challenge (RTBP) version. within the 3rd bankruptcy, equipment are constructed to compute the nominal orbit and to layout and try out the regulate method for the quasiperiodic halo orbits. within the final bankruptcy, the move from the Earth to a halo orbit is studied.

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When the non-constant part of the perturbation is added, this periodic orbit bifurcates to a quasi-periodic orbit having the same basic frequencies than the ones of the perturbation. This leads us to the fact that the problem of finding a quasi-periodic solution near L4 has lots of solutions, but probably only a few of them have as basic set of frequencies the one of the excitation. Furthermore only a part of the last ones can be obtained as a natural continuation of L4. 7 Numerical Refinement In order to obtain a good nominal orbit we have implemented a parallel shooting method (see [9]) to get a solution of the JPL model very similar to the one found with the algebraic manipulator.

For this reason we have written a routine adapted to this kind of matrix. Another way to perform the parallel shooting procedure can be the following: instead of adding to the set of 6n equations the above mentioned six conditions (which in some sense can force the solution in an nonnatural way), replace them trying to minimize, with respect to some norm, the total corrections to be done at each step. This procedure has not been implemented. Subroutine SISBAN This routine solves a linear system of equations with a banded matrix, using only the band of the matrix plus three diagonals.

Note that Re(e 3 ) = Re(e 4 )). Time span: 1625 days. 30 Quasi-periodic Solutions Near the Equilateral Fig. (Note Time span: 1625 days. Fig. 15 (x,y) projection of the mode es(t). Points that Im(e3) = —Im(e4)). Time span: 1625 days. 5 - Fig. 16 (x,y) projection of the mode ee(t). Polar coordinates have been used, with the scaling r ~ argsinh(20r)/argsinh(20). Time span: 1625 days. 9 Problems and Extensions Looking for the behavior of the orbits near the geometrical triangular points of the Earth-Moon system we are faced with several problems.

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