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By John J. Robinson

During the last thousand years, the bloodiest video game of the king-of-the-hill has been for supremacy at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the positioning of the traditional Temple of Solomon. This publication recounts the stirring saga of the Knights Templar, the Christian warrior-monks who occupied the sacred Mount within the aftermath of the butchery of the 1st campaign. Recruited to a lifetime of poverty, chastity and obedience meant to guide in basic terms to martyrdom at the battlefield, they have been completely devoted to the pious paradox that the wholesale slaughter of non-believers might earn the everlasting gratitude of the Prince of Peace. The Templars collected nice wealth, which they used to finance their 2 hundred years of struggle opposed to Muslims at the wilderness, within the mountains, and up the huge sweep of the Nile valley. The Templars' gift for these centuries of army martyrdom was once to be arrested through pope and king, tortured by means of the Inquisition, and at last decreed out of lifestyles. yet their legend and legacy simply wouldn't die. In telling the remarkable tale of the Knights Templar, the author's transparent rationalization of the cultural and spiritual alterations one of the Templars' enemies and acquaintances within the center East offers clean knowing of the folk who populate this stressed zone. listed below are the Sunnies and the Shiites, the Kurds and Armenians, the Arabs and Turks, who determine so prominently in modern-day headlines. The similarity in their antagonisms at the present time and people of 8 hundred years in the past are frequently so outstanding as to be eerie. Dungeon, fireplace & Sword is a superb paintings of narrative heritage that may be learn as an experience tale, a morality play, or a lesson within the politics of war.

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They decided to select a patriarch for Jerusalem and bestowed the position on a man who must have been the least suitable candidate available. Arnulf Malecorne was a priest who had never held any position in the Church hierarchy, but he was well liked by the Normans and Lorrainers who now controlled Jerusalem. They considered him a good companion and easily overlooked Arnulf's inability to resist the temptation of worldly pleasures, including attractive women. His departures from his priestly vows were so frequent and so flagrant that they had served as the inspiration for a number of lewd poems and songs in the army.

The Muslims on foot were brave enough, but stood no chance against the massive horses and armored men who crashed into them again and again. Most of the Egyptians died in their ranks. Baldwin's success at Acre encouraged him to seek a similar naval alliance with the combined fleets of Genoa and Pisa for an attack on the great coastal city of Beirut, which was taken in May 1110. Six months later a similar alliance resulted in the capture of Sidon. Baldwin's power now extended well to the north, and he had new, richer lands to distribute to those who would agree to come to the Holy Land to take service under his banner.

He carried his prayers of thanksgiving to such tedious lengths that often his staff had to eat their meals cold or unappetizingly overcooked. Godfrey de Bouillon seemed the ideal choice: His ferocity in storming the walls of Jerusalem and his high birth and exemplary moral standards would make him an attractive leader to present to the Christian world, while his preoccupation with religious observances should keep him nicely distracted from the duties of government. That would be a very satisfactory state of affairs for greedy vassals who did not really want to be governed.

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