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Getting to know international Religions at 24 Frames in line with moment takes scholars past the written web page, supplying an exploration of spiritual traditions during the examine of function motion pictures and focusing more often than not on japanese traditions. Biographical sketches of administrators whose motion pictures are inclined to concentrate on a specific spiritual culture also are incorporated, akin to Zhang Yimou, Hayao Miyazaki, Deepa Mehta, and Akira Kurosawa.This ebook offers the required heritage details at the quite a few religions prior to how their rules may be understood now not via texts yet in the course of the cinematic medium. to maintain the dialog clean, lots of the motion pictures utilized in the booklet have been made in the final decade, together with superstar Wars, The Lord of the earrings, The wood Man's Bride, the good Yokai struggle, struggle membership, lively Away, and Jacob's Ladder.

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For a Daoist, problems in the world arise when one side is not balanced by the other. Images of a wheel have special significance for a Buddhist. Not only does it represent the Wheel of Life, but it also represents the Buddha’s teachings. After all, the Buddha’s first sermon is often called the Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma or Law. In Hinduism, the wheel has traditionally been seen as a symbol of the sun. 69 The lotus flower is significant in many Asian cultures. In India, the white lotus “became a symbol of purity and lucidity and finally the symbol of the earth itself as it floats on the primeval ocean.

Usually viewed in the West as a beneficent animal, the dog is seen differently depending on the country and even the region. In China, the dog is the 11th creature in the zodiac, and it is said that during its year, one will find both happiness and dissent. In Taiwan, it is believed that dogs, when they die, should be thrown into the water. If they are buried, they will turn into a demon. “If you dream that a dog has bitten you, it means that your ancestors want to eat . . 74 In South and West China, the dog is revered for its contributions to society and its faithfulness.

116 Attitudes toward Nature Eastern religions tend to see human beings as a part of nature rather than apart from it. An important Mahayana Buddhist scripture, the Flower Garland Sutra (Huayan jing), talks about the interdependence and interpenetration of the universe, referring to this web of relationships as Indra’s net or the jeweled net of Shakra. “This one jewel consists of the connections of many jewels to form the net. . ”117 According to Buddhist scholar Rita M. Gross, “Interdependence is the most 26 CHAPTER 1 commonly invoked concept in Buddhist environmental ethics to date.

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