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When the output voltage is caused to change from one level to the other, both TR3 and TR4 may conduct simultaneously for a very short interval of time, resulting in a surge of current being drawn from the supply. Resistor R 4 is included to limit the value of this surge. TTL gates dominate the IC logic market, the family having three basic branches which are known as low-power, standard, and high-speed. The standard version is the most popular, the essential difference between the three groups being the values chosen for R 1 , R 2 , R 3 , and R 4 .

15 The wired-OR function It is convenient in many cases to generate logical functions by using what is known as the wired-OR connection of logic gates, in which the output terminals of the gates are connected together. 15(a), with the symbolic representation in (b). Although NOR-type invertors are shown in (b), this connection can, with the exception given below, also be used with NAND gates. gate 1 :------V~c--~ I I Vee I I I I I X~ y output Z 1 gate 2 I Yl X I I (b) gate 2 gate 1 (a) Fig. 15(a), when the signal X= 1 then TR 1 is saturated so that Z = 0 irrespective of the logical value of Y.

13 Methods of packaging integrated circuits 50 Digital Electronic Circuits and Systems range of devices, D I L packs can operate over the temperature range 0 to 70° C, and some types can be used over the wider range given above. 1 in) apart. Of these, one is required for the power supply and one for the earth line, leaving twelve connections for the input and output of data. 14. common line Fig. 1 The laws of logic In order to test the truth or otherwise of logical statements we first draw up rules or laws of the processes involved.

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