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His smile widened. " "Like what? " He laughed softly. She had never heard him laugh before. It was a surprisingly sensual sound. It did odd things in the pit of her stomach. She stood frozen in place as he moved toward her, felt her heart skip a beat as he stroked her hair, then cupped her cheek in his palm. "You are beautiful, my sweet. Your hair is like a silken flame, your skin as soft as that of a newborn babe. " She stared up him, lost in the heat of his eyes, the husky resonance of his voice.

To do so would be an invasion of her mind, a betrayal of what little trust she had in him. His gaze moved over her. How beautiful she was! Her hair was the red of autumn leaves, tempting his touch though he dared not succumb. Her skin was smooth and clear, her lashes thick where they rested on her cheeks. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the thin blanket and again felt the urge to reach out and touch her. Again, he restrained himself. He would not violate her while she slept.

Had she? Did she want to be alone tonight? " She smiled. " She hurried out of the room and down the hall to the linen closet. There, she paused, one hand over her pounding heart. Please, Lord, let me be doing the right thing. She pulled a sheet and a blanket out of the closet, along with an extra pillow and a clean pillowcase. Then, taking a deep, calming breath, she returned to the living room. He was standing where she had left him. Discomfited by the silence, she switched on the TV. The familiar voices of the cast of Friends filled the silence as she set about making up the couch and fluffing the pillow, all too aware of Antonio's nearness.

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