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By T. Y. Lin

Offers uncomplicated idea of prestressed concrete besides the weight balancing, working-load and ultimate-load tools for prestressed concrete layout. fabric revised in mild of considerable advances within the box comprises: fabrics, prestressing platforms, lack of prestress, shear and bond, camber and deflection. layout examples in response to the 1977 ACI Code with its most up-to-date revisions. Appendix comprises chosen difficulties.

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Solution: The dimensions of the concrete block are converted into metres to obtain the density in kg/m3. 75 m. Find the mass and the weight of the beam. Density of concrete = 2400 kg/m3. 8 Specific gravity The specific gravity of a substance is defined as the ratio of the density of the material to the density of water. Specific gravity = Density of a material ÷ Density of water The specific gravity of a material remains the same, irrespective of the units of density. 9 Newton’s first law of motion In the seventeenth century Isaac Newton formulated three laws, which are known as Newton’s laws of motion.

500 kg into pounds b) 200 kg into pounds c) 15 lb into kilograms 4. 29 m2 into cm2 5. 00096 m3 into mm3 6. 06 m3 into litres e) 35 litres into gallons References/Further reading Virdi, S. and Baker, R. (2006). Construction Mathematics. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. 3 Introduction to physics Learning outcomes: 1) Define speed, velocity and acceleration. 2) Explain mass, gravitation and weight. 3) Explain Newton’s laws of motion and solve numerical problems based on these laws. 4) Explain work, energy and power, and solve numerical problems.

2 as Cu2+. Similarly, chloride ions, which have a negative charge and a valency of one, are shown as Cl−. 3 Elements and compounds An element is a substance that cannot be decomposed into simpler substances. There are more than 100 elements, some of which are: Calcium, copper, zinc, aluminium, chlorine, oxygen, carbon, sulphur etc. In chemistry each element is given a symbol, which makes representation of chemical reactions very convenient. 3 shows the symbols of a selection of elements. 3 Symbols of elements Element Symbol Aluminium Calcium Carbon Chlorine Chromium Copper Fluorine Gold Helium Hydrogen Iodine Iron Lead Magnesium Manganese Mercury Nickel Nitrogen Oxygen Phosphorus Potassium Silicon Silver Sodium Sulphur Tin Zinc Al Ca C Cl Cr Cu F Au He H I Fe Pb Mg Mn Hg Ni N O P K Si Ag Na S Sn Zn Hydrogen + oxygen 2 H2 + O2 Water 2 H2O Water is produced by combining hydrogen and oxygen gases.

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