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By KMG Schreurs, L. Woerton, J. van Mens-Verhulst

Tough accredited psychoanalytic perspectives, this ebook focusses on daughtering as an lively strategy to discover formerly unexamined points of this vital and primary dating.

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As I understand it, the word ‘father’ does not necessarily refer to a living person, or to a real position in the family, but it tells us how this little girl relates to signs in language. She uses dominant language on family relationships. At a certain point in her development, she identifies with the symbol of the father in order to be able to distinguish herself from the two mothers, and in order to distinguish the two women/mothers from each other. The use of this symbol is attractive because it is permeated with meanings of power and protection.

Following my dialectical materialist concept of fetishism I consider Phallus fetishism as having material reality under the present historical conditions; capitalist patriarchy ascribes a special value to the penis, and makes it appear as Phallus. At the same time, Phallus fetishism is also essentially and universally unreal. Nowhere in the penisbody of penis is there a specific male libido or anything else that would essentially dissociate men’s sexual energies, potencies and possibilities to take a sexual object into possession from those of women.

According to classic psychoanalytic theory, a second stage of the castration complex makes its appearance later than this first traumatic event. This second stage concerns the girl’s ‘discovery’ of her mother’s ‘castration’. Or in other—defetishized— words: the transformation of her mother image in accordance with the historical laws of the Phallus fetishism making the female body as such signify ‘castration’. This subdivision of the castration complex into two separate traumatic events makes it relevant to consider the Antigone phase as divided into two parts.

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