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By D. E. Dickie and Douglas Short (Auth.)

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Fig. 5) -Visually inspect the main and jury jibs for straightness and for any evidence of physical damage, such as cracking, bending, or other deformation of the steel elements or welds. Watch carefully for cracking or flaking of paint, since this may indicate yielding of the metal which may precede a failure. When checking lattice booms be especially careful to look for bent lattices (Fig. 6). If they are kinked or bent the main chords lose all support in that area. When a lattice is bent the ends also tend to draw together which pulls the main chords out of shape.

CHECK BEARINGS FOR WOBBLE, LUBRICATION AND EASE OF ROTATION. CHECK FLANGES FOR WEAR, CHIPS AND CRACKS. CHECK GROOVES FOR CORRECT SIZE Fig. g. 16 mm diam. 4 mm (5/e in + 1/64) INCORRECT A correctly fitting sheave groove should support the rope over 120-150 degrees of rope circumference. Observe the groove so that it may be clearly seen whether the contour of the gauge matches the contour of the bottom of the groove. 40 INSPECTION AND EXAMINATION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE locking devices, hook roller brackets and removable outrigger attachment lugs, and welds.

Be sure that safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers) is available, and in good condition. Never tamper with safety devices. (Fig. 18) - Before returning a crane to operational service, all components which have been affected by the maintenance or repair should be subjected to a visual inspection, followed Hang warning signs on a machine to indicate that it is out of service 46 INSPECTION AND EXAMINATION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE by an operational check by the operator to ensure that the components are functional.

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