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By John Phillip Reid

Do legislation and felony tactics exist purely as long as there's an legitimate authority to implement them? Or will we have an unstated experience of legislations and ethics?

To solution those questions, John Phillip Reid’s Contested Empire explores the implicit notions of legislations shared by way of American and British fur investors within the Snake River state of Idaho and surrounding parts within the early 19th century. either the us and nice Britain had claimed this zone, and passions have been severe. Focusing quite often on Canadian explorer and dealer Peter Skene Ogden, Reid reveals that either facet mostly shunned violence and different problems simply because they held an identical definitions of estate, agreement, conversion, and possession.

In 1824, the Hudson’s Bay corporation directed Ogden to decimate the furbearing animal inhabitants of the Snake River state, therefore marking the zone a “fur desert.” With this mandate, nice Britain was hoping to neutralize any curiosity American furtrappers can have within the sector. any such mandate set British and American fur males on a collision path, yet Ogden and his American opposite numbers implicitly a type of legislation and technique and saw a mutual experience of estate and rights at the same time the 2 facets vied for keep watch over of the fur trade.

Failing to take felony tradition into account, a few past debts have depicted those conflicts as mere episodes of lawless frontier violence. Reid expands our knowing of the West via contemplating the unstated experience of legislation that existed, regardless of the shortcoming of any formalized gurus, in what had differently been thought of a “lawless” time.

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Alexander Ross had not been successful leading the Snake country expedition of 1824. He had doubted whether anyone could lead it. Peter Skene Ogden would prove him wrong. He would not only lead the Snake country expedition, he would generally succeed in leading it where he wanted it to go, and he would make it an effective instrument for Hudson’s Bay policy while ruthlessly denuding the land of beaver. He would fail in only one respect. He would not keep the Americans from the Oregon Territory.

Later the Hudson’s Bay story changed, for HBC people claimed that Buffalo had been coming to their house to trade, that he had wanted to trade with them, and had not wanted to trade with Ogden. Whatever the reasons or intentions of the two North West engagés, Buffalo refused to follow them. ” They dashed off to tell Ogden and Buffalo ran to the nearby Hudson’s Bay house for refuge. Ogden and his men followed and demanded that the Hudson’s Bay postmaster surrender Buffalo. At first the Hudson’s Bay clerk refused, but for some reason changed his mind and gave in.

George Simpson, the governor of Hudson’s Bay for its North American operations, had lost all confidence in Ross. His own journals showed he was not a leader of men. At best, Ross was a labor negotiator, and that was exactly what a Snake country expedition 16 CONTESTED EMPIRE did not need. Simpson knew a better man for the job. And he was right on hand, already on the West Coast, in Hudson’s Bay Company’s Spokane House, where Simpson was visiting at the moment. He was Peter Skene Ogden. Ogden was different from most Hudson’s Bay officers.

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