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By David MacKenzie

This handbook describes the right way to evaluate and merge documents utilizing GNU diff and patch. evaluating and merging documents is a typical task for software program builders. those courses make it effortless to discover and practice adjustments. GNU diff is a part of the GNU diffutils package deal, a whole set of courses for dealing with ameliorations among teams of documents. GNU patch permits those modifications to be dispensed in a good structure. it is a revealed replica of the offical GNU diffutils guide. It files all of the diffutils courses (diff, cmp, sdiff, diff3), plus GNU patch. GNU diff and patch are unfastened software program. for every replica of this guide offered, $1 may be donated to the loose software program origin.

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Extra info for Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patch

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For example, the following command compares the TeX files ‘old’ and ‘new’, and outputs a merged file in which old regions are surrounded by ‘\begin{em}’-‘\end{em}’ lines, and new regions are surrounded by ‘\begin{bf}’-‘\end{bf}’ lines. diff \ --old-group-format=’\begin{em} %<\end{em} ’ \ Chapter 2: diff Output Formats 25 --new-group-format=’\begin{bf} %>\end{bf} ’ \ old new The following command is equivalent to the above example, but it is a little more verbose, because it spells out the default line group formats.

Changed-group-format=format’ These line groups are hunks containing lines from both files. The default changed group format is the concatenation of the old and new group formats. ‘--unchanged-group-format=format’ These line groups contain lines common to both files. The default unchanged group format is a format that outputs the line group as-is. In a line group format, ordinary characters represent themselves; conversion specifications start with ‘%’ and have one of the following forms. ‘%<’ stands for the lines from the first file, including the trailing newline.

See section “emerge” in The gnu Emacs Manual, for more information. 1 Specifying diff Options to sdiff The following sdiff options have the same meaning as for diff. 1 [diff Options], page 75, for the use of these options. -a -b -d -i -t -v -B -E -I regexp --ignore-blank-lines --ignore-case --ignore-matching-lines=regexp --ignore-space-change --ignore-tab-expansion --left-column --minimal --speed-large-files --strip-trailing-cr --suppress-common-lines --expand-tabs --text --version --width=columns For historical reasons, sdiff has alternate names for some options.

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