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By Courtney G Brooks; James M Grimwood; Loyd S Swenson; United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Branch

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In March, the industrial teams came to Langley one by one and stood before a large audience who had come to hear what the contractors had to tell. Each company followed roughly the same agenda: trajectory analysis; guidance and control; configuration and aerodynamics; heating; structures and materials; human factors; onboard propulsion; mechanical systems; and instrumentation and communications. The NASA auditors commented on the presentations, each of which seemed a bit too general and lacking in the technical information the NASA planners wanted.

Goett, von Braun, William H. Pickering, Ira H. Abbott, Silverstein, Major General Don R. Ostrander, and Albert F. " Low posed five questions and defended his answers to them as proof of the realism of the proposed schedule for Apollo: (1) Will the spacecraft be ready in time to meet the Saturn schedule? (2) Will the spacecraft weight be within Saturn capabilities? (3) Are there any foreseeable technological roadblocks? (4) Will solar flare radiation prevent circumlunar flights by men? (5) What are the costs for this program?

1959. 25. Strass to Chief, FSD, "Third meeting of New Projects Panel, . . September 28, 1959 (Information)," 1 Oct. 1959. html (3 of 4)4/7/2006 10:33:21 AM Chariots For Apollo, ch1-5 April 1962 by Alan B. Kehlet, William W. Petynia, and Dennis F. Hasson; patent was issued 21 May 1963 (information from Marvin F. Matthews, 7 April 1976). Petynia, interview, Houston, 9 Dec. 1970; Strass to Chief, FSD, "Fourth meeting of New Projects Panel, . . October 5, 1959 (Action requested)," 7 Oct. 1959. 26.

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