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By Roy MacGregor

Who're we? In Canadians, certainly one of Canada’s so much clever and cherished writers maps our nationwide psyche in an excellent and impressive paintings. Canadians is an exciting portrait of this state and its humans, via its background, pop culture, literature, game, panorama, and climate. In his pursuit of the Canadian nationwide id, MacGregor has travelled all over the place, taking our pulse, telling our tales. A glowing mix of ancient, anecdotal, and reflective writing converges in a story that's terribly discovered in its perceptions and lightweight in its delivery—all emblems of this awesome writer’s work.

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As in other cases, Tex combines a type of outdoorsmanly machismo with a counter-cultural willingness to accept transgressions of convention, in this case gender-bending, and even to revel in them. Only the know-it-all professor comes off as irredeemable; even though he comes around to Tex’s view of fires in teepees, he makes it out to have been his own idea—hardly a surprise in an academic. —AG  0DEO#QE@EJC#=IA 9ARNSOFTHEWILDERNESSBYACOMPETENTOUTDOORSMAN By N. PRIL «AND  three The Last Great Buffalo Drive Tex relates a number of past film experiences in this story, though not the months he and his family spent in California, when he worked in Hollywood as an animal handler, notably on The Call of the Wild.

Rather than complain about it, he found a way to make them look as foolish as they were—in stories such as this one. A young Ivy Leaguer eager for a chance to shoot a grizzly declines, when they finally find one, because he would have to cross a stream and get his feet wet, which he refuses to do. The story ends with Tex contemplating how he might even prefer the effete and pointless work (at least for a mountain man) of driving a bus to guiding this sort of customer. The question of authenticity is addressed clearly here: a man who can hunt and take care of himself in the mountains is a real man.

Tex was delighted by any client’s ability to shake off city behaviour, as in the first episode, in favour of rugged mountain masculinity, and his delight was not limited by (though it was certainly shaped by) conventions about gender. When an anxious and haughty family father turns back to town and the nearest stock ticker after a few days on the trail, his wife and four daughters turn out to be excellent mountain men, fulfilling all the requisites of the mountaineering hunting ethos, from pranks right down to excellent shooting.

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