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By K. Eileen Allen

Ideal FOR EARLY formative years pros, CAREGIVERS and oldsters ALIKE, this e-book is a uncomplicated, non-technical advisor to a kid's improvement, starting sooner than start via age 8. this is often an easy-to-use device for comparing developmental milestones, progress styles, day-by-day workouts, and actions. those authors are either skilled in educating, baby care concerns, and feature authored specialist references regarding baby improvement.

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F 3. T 4. T Multiple Choice 1. c 2. a and b 3. a and b 4. a and c 5. b and c 5. 6. 7. 8. T F T F This Page Intentionally Left Blank ••••••••••••••••••••••• The Infant BIRTH TO 1 MONTH HAPTER 4 NEWBORN (BIRTH TO ONE MONTH) The healthy newborn infant is truly amazing. Within moments of birth it begins to adapt to an outside world that is radically different from the one experienced in utero. All body systems are in place and ready to function at birth. The newborn’s body immediately assumes responsibility for breathing, eating, elimination, and regulation of body temperature.

Speech and language development is related to the child’s general cognitive, social, perceptual, and neuromuscular development. Language development also depends on the type of language the child hears in the family and in the community. Personal and social development is a broad area that concerns how children feel about themselves and their relationships with others. It refers to children’s behaviors and responses to play and work activities, attachments to parents and caregivers, and relationships with brothers, sisters, and friends.

Soft” spots (fontanels) are located on the top (anterior) and back (posterior) of the head. Tongue appears large in proportion to mouth. Cries without tears. Eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Sees outlines and shapes; unable to focus on distant objects. Motor Development The newborn’s motor skills are purely reflexive movements and are designed primarily for protection and survival. During the first month, the infant gains some control over several of these early reflexes. Gradually, many of these reflexes disappear as the infant’s central nervous system matures and begins to take over control of purposeful behavior.

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