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By Dina L. McMillan PhD

Effective and strong, this chilling publicity of the psychology at the back of emotionally abusive relationships proves to be a useful source for girls within the relationship pool or these wondering their present partnership. picking the characteristics, traps, and manipulations that abusers hire, this authoritative guide aids readers in spotting pink flags early on, letting them get out early and steer clear of extra ensnarement. using a dynamic new technique, the point-of-view splits providing an entire view of the situation—with the right-hand pages providing recommendation and find out how to let girls to acknowledge harmful styles, whereas the left-hand pages use the alarming voice of an abuser giving suggestion to different males on how you can take keep watch over of a girl via lies, finance, accusations, deciding upon her buddies, and extra. Counselors, law enforcement officials, lawyers, and anxious family also will take advantage of this significant information.

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Indd 45 8/2/07 8:07:42 AM 2 TESTING AND CONTINUED TRAINING The last chapter discussed the importance of intensity. This is a critical part of the training process. You have to be attentive, fi xed and concentrated upon her. Every interaction between the two of you should last as long as possible. Use your powers of persuasion to keep her from breaking off contact. indd 46 8/2/07 8:07:42 AM 2 Focused Manipulation It would be easy to assume that abusers get all of their information from trial and error—they figure out what works and just keep doing it.

These are harder to find in the Western world, but not impossible. indd 22 8/2/07 8:07:38 AM But He Says He Loves Me women are ‘asking’ to be abused, nor does it mean they have to accept poor treatment. It does require caution, however, because their traditions often give abusive men more disguises to hide behind. Here are just a few ways in which you might be vulnerable if you grew up in a traditional culture: • Traditional cultures often teach that men and women are basically different, with different needs and drives.

After she tells you all of her hopes, fears, dreams and experiences, do your best to convince her that the two of you as a couple will heal her hurts from the past. Make her believe the secret to getting everything she wants and values is having a relationship with you. Assure her that what she fears will not happen if she is with you. The more she wants to believe this and the better you are at convincing her, the more leeway you will have in the process of training her. Repeat it often until her resistance is gone.

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