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By Peter Edwards, Antonio Nicaso

Bestselling crime writers Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso show the ultimate years of Canada's best mafia boss, Vito Rizzuto, and his bloody conflict to avenge his family members and keep an eye on the North American drug exchange.

till Vito Rizzuto went to criminal in 2006 for his position in a decades-old Brooklyn triple homicide, he governed the Port of Montreal, the northern gateway to the main American drug markets. A grasp diplomat, he received the dignity of rival mafia clans, bikers and road gangs, and felony company thrived on his turf. His kinfolk prospered and his empire grew--until one in all North America's precise Teflon dons ultimately misplaced his veneer. As he watched helplessly from his Colorado criminal, the murders of his son and father made foreign headlines; the killings of his lieutenants and associates stuffed the pages of Canadian information; and the effect of the 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian Mafia, unfold throughout Montreal speedier than the blood of Rizzuto's crime relations. In 2012, Vito Rizzuto emerged from criminal, a 66-year-old guy who may conscientiously rebuild his felony empire or search bloody revenge and rattling the results. From the occasions resulting in his imprisonment to his surprising demise in December 2013, enterprise or Blood is the ultimate bankruptcy of Vito's tale.

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