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By Latha Pillai, Babu Remesh

This e-book is a suite of essays that are prepared round huge topics- inclusion of the excluded and schooling for the marginalized. The essays supply an exposition to the variety of inequalities and demanding situations in several fields of social engagement, and open up attainable methods of addressing those matters. The participants talk about inclusiveness and marginalization within the modern social contexts, their various dimensions, and interlinkages with a number of assets of social inequalities together with caste-, class-, and gender-related elements.

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Another measure was introduced for the porters in busy markets. We gave them all green uniforms so they : 41 Bridging the Gap could be recognized if they tried running away with goods or luggage. In the crime prevention mode, we experimented rehabilitating members of the Sansi tribe, who were into bootlegging, other crimes, and eve teasing. We put them in a vocational training program to economically rehabilitate them and it did wonders! They are no more Sansi criminals now. This is true preventive policing.

The US presidential campaign saw Barack Hussein Obama underplaying his race, his middle name, and the color of his skin. It seemed like he wanted to distance himself from those identities that the society wanted to define him by. In India, the question of identity becomes even more acute and complex because of the long history and vast diversity of groups that one belongs to. There are many more divisions—of religion, caste, subcaste, region, language—that further impact in creating even more divisions of class, color, and occupation.

The net result of these military operations is that terrorist leadership is now in disarray. This fact is borne out by several indicators including reduction in violence levels and intelligence inputs. The Army has also made an earnest endeavor to better the lot of the people, especially in remote areas. “Operation Sadbhavana” reaches out to the people in many different ways, from providing electricity to the remotest of villages through micro-projects, to providing schools and orphanages, and even taking care of those ravaged by terrorism.

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