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By Horace G. Cutler (Eds.)

content material: typical items and their strength in agriculture : a private evaluation / Horace G. Cutler --
Tentoxin : a cyclic tetrapeptide having power herbicidal utilization / Alan R. Lax and Hurley S. Shepherd --
methods to structure-function relationships for evidently taking place cyclic peptides : a research of tentoxin / Judson V. Edwards, Oliver D. Dailey, Jr., John M. Bland, and Horace G. Cutler --
pollutants of phytopathogenic microorganisms : structural variety and physiological task / S. Sakamura, A. Ichihara, and T. Yoshihara --
creation of herbicidal and insecticidal metabolites by way of soil microorganisms / R.M. Heisey, S.K. Mishra, A.R. Putnam, J.R. Miller, C.J. Whitenack, J.E. Keller, and J. Huang --
various yet particular organic actions of 4 common items from 3 fungi / Horace G. Cutler, Eberhard Ammermann, and James P. Springer --
Avermectins : organic and pesticidal actions / J.R. Babu --
Fungal elicitors of phytoalexins and their power use in agriculture / Jack D. Paxton --
Endophytic micro organism for the supply of agrochemicals to vegetation / Jed W. Fahey --
Phenol glycosides in plant safeguard opposed to herbivores / Paul B. Reichardt, Thomas P. Clausen, and John P. Bryant --
Biosynthetic courting between cyanogenic glycosides, glucosinolates, and nitro compounds / Eric E. Conn --
organic results of glucosinolates / F.S. bite --
clearly taking place carbon-phosphorus compounds as herbicides / Robert E. Hoagland --
Phytochemical inhibitors of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) germination as versions for brand new biorational herbicides / Richard G. Powell and Gayland F. Spencer --
Allelopathy within the Florida scrub neighborhood as a version for average herbicide activities / Nikolaus H. Fischer, Nesrin Tanrisever, and G. Bruce Williamson --
Terpenoids as types for brand spanking new agrochemicals / Stella D. Elakovich --
Chemical and anatomical reaction in Gossypium spp. challenged through Verticillium dahliae / Robert D. Stipanovic, Marshall E. Mace, David W. Altman, and Alois A. Bell --
Mitotic disrupters from larger crops : results on plant cells / Kevin C. Vaughn and Martin A. Vaughan --
Camptothecin and different plant progress regulators in larger crops with antitumor task / J. George Buta and Andrzej Kalinski --
typical items within the look for new agrochemicals / John H. Cardellina, II --
Terpenoids from the genus Artemisia as power insecticides / Stephen O. Duke, Rex N. Paul, Jr., and S. Mark Lee --
Chemistry and organic job of acylnornicotines from Nicotiana repandae / R.F. Severson, R.F. Arrendale, Horace G. Cutler, D. Jones, V.A. Sisson, and M.G. Stephenson --
Allelochemical homes of Nicotiana tabacum leaf floor compounds / D.R. Lawson, D.A. Danehower, D.G. Shilling, M.L. Menetrez, and H.W. Spurr, Jr. --
Plant elements as oviposition deterrents to lepidopterous bugs / J.A.A. Renwick --
Plant usual items as parasitoid cuing brokers / Douglas W. Whitman --
Iridoid glycosides and aglycones as chiral synthons, bioactive compounds, and lepidopteran defenses / Frank R. Stermitz --
Glycosides : the interface among plant secondary and bug basic metabolism / Kevin C. Spencer --
Chemistry and organic task of pentatomoid intercourse pheromones / Jeffrey R. Aldrich --
Dithiopolyacetylenes as power insecticides / Eloy Rodriguez --
Biocidal and deterrent actions of nitrogen heterocycles produced by way of venomous myrmicine ants / Murray S. Blum --
maintaining plants and natural world with chitin and chitosan / M.L. Bade and R.L. Wick.

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Biologically Active Natural Products. Potential Use in Agriculture

Content material: traditional items and their power in agriculture : a private review / Horace G. Cutler -- Tentoxin : a cyclic tetrapeptide having capability herbicidal utilization / Alan R. Lax and Hurley S. Shepherd -- methods to structure-function relationships for certainly taking place cyclic peptides : a learn of tentoxin / Judson V.

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T e n t o x i n a t some c o n c e n t r a t i o n s was shown t o i n h i b i t A T P a s e a c t i v i t y o f t h e CF i s o l a t e d from t o x i n - s e n s i t i v e but not i n s e n s i t i v e s p e c i e s ( 8 ) . M o r e o v e r , i n i s o l a t e d c h l o r o p l a s t s t e n t o x i n was shown t o i n h i b i t coupled photosynthetic e l e c t r o n t r a n s p o r t t h u s a c t i n g as an e n e r g y transfer i n h i b i t o r (9). The r e s u l t i n g l o s s o f m e t a b o l i c e n e r g y was thought t h e r e f o r e to r e s u l t i n the l a c k of c h l o r o p l a s t development and c h l o r o s i s c h a r a c t e r i s t i c o f t e n t o x i n e f f e c t s .

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J. Cell. Biol. 1981, 91, 468-78. 17. , Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1987, 84, 3288-92. 18. , Appl. Env. Microbiol. 1986, 51, 368-72. 19. , Z. Allg. , 1983, 23, 50311. 20. , Z. Allg. , 1983. 23, 549-56. 21. , Ann. Rev. Microbiol. 1987, 41, 259-89. 22. A. Intervirology, 1984, 22, 17-23. 23. S. 24. ; Esser, K. Appl. Microbiol Biotechnol. 1986, 24, 248-52. RECEIVED May 26, 1988 Physiol. Plant. 1988, 72, Genetics. 1987, 116; S29. Chapter 3 Approaches to Structure—Function Relationships for Naturally Occurring Cyclic Peptides A Study of Tentoxin 1 1 1 Judson V.

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