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Swedish medieval marriage formation was once a method, written down within the secular legislation. even though, it began to evolve as a result of interplay with the medieval Catholic marriage doctrine, which concerned about mutual phrases of consent. even if first the canon legislation of marriage, after which Lutheran marriage dogma stimulated the Swedish improvement, the belief of marriage as a procedure, such as a number of felony acts and followed by means of estate transfers, proved remarkably resilient. The pragmatic and rural personality of Sweden contributed to this, regardless of strain from canon and Roman legislations and makes an attempt at bringing marriage formation less than ecclesiastical regulate. Marrying through phases used to be in itself unremarkable in Europe, however the criminal starting place and ritual make medieval and sixteenth-century Sweden a different case examine.

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Married women appeared personally in court when accused of a crime and in many civil cases, except if the case was related to their inheritance, when they were usually represented by their husbands. When a married woman was the victim of a crime, her husband often represented her. In late seventeenth-century rural Finnish practice, the exclusivity of the husband’s guardianship over his wife’s property was less marked than the law prescribed. Loyalty to the interests of the household was necessary, but the powers of the wife to manage her own property, especially movable property, and to make legal transactions were much more flexible in practice.

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15 Reynolds, Marriage, 75–77, 80–84. 11 12 the process 23 stages and their legal significance will be presented in more detail below. 2 Betrothal and the Consent of the Marriage Guardian The Legal Guardianship of Women in Medieval Sweden All unmarried and married women in medieval and early modern Sweden were under guardianship, (målsmanskap, later also förmynderskap) as were boys under fifteen, all girls and the insane. Men reached majority at fifteen under normal circumstances, and at this age their fathers or guardians often gave them their share of the inheritance and they became able to represent themselves.

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