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By Paul Rosenberg

Now absolutely up-to-date for the 2002 nationwide electric Code, the Electrician's Pocket guide is choked with charts, conversions, pictures, diagrams, code criteria, and different details you wish at the activity.

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Unless you are very familiar with a certain system, budget some extra time to fix small problems after the system becomes operational. Testing Plan on testing your electronic systems periodically as your work progresses. Again, this procedure is different from that used with regular electrical work, which is sometimes tested only just before the power is turned on, after the installation is complete. Depending on what type of system you are installing, you may want to test several parts of the system before you even get close to turning it on.

The quality of electrical drawings varies widely. In general, a good set of electrical drawings should contain floor plans for each floor of the building (assuming that the project is a building), including one plan for lighting circuitry and one plan for power circuitry; riser diagrams to show the service equipment, feeders, and communication equipment diagrammatically; schedules to indicate the components of the service equipment, lighting fixtures, and similar equipment; and large-scale detailed drawings for special or unusual portions of the installation.

Once one of these currents begins, current will be allowed to flow in either direction through the triac. Triacs are the functional components inside most dimmer switches and similar devices. Field-Effect Transistors Field-effect transistors use type P semiconductors on both sides of a type N semiconductor to act as a gate. The P semiconductor gate controls current flowing through the type N semiconductor. Electronic Components and Circuits 27 T2 HEAT SINK N P N N P N N GATE T1 Fig. 2-7 Triac. Figure 2-8 shows a field-effect transistor.

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