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By David Miller, Gill Hubbard

This booklet is a one-stop consultant for somebody who desires to recognize extra in regards to the G8, what it truly is, and why it is a challenge. best writers and activists together with Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas, Mark Curtis and Susan George clarify in short, succinct chapters what's wrong with the G8 neo-liberal schedule and suggest alternatives.

Chapters disguise G8 attitudes to the most important concerns: struggle, company energy, weather swap, immigration, exchange, debt, meals. perfect for somebody who's afflicted by means of the present course set by means of our global leaders, this publication is usually a useful gizmo for activists.

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The most ominous programme is militarization of space, also being expanded under the pretext of ‘fighting terror’. The reasoning behind these programmes is explained publicly in Clinton-era documents. A prime reason is the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, which planners expect to grow, contrary to economic theory but consistent with reality. The ‘have-nots’ – the ‘great beast’ of the world – may become disruptive, and must be controlled, in the interests of what is called ‘stability’ in technical jargon, meaning in practice subordination to the dictates of the masters.

If the American colonies had been compelled to accept the WTO regime 200 years ago, New England would be pursuing its comparative advantage in exporting fish, surely not producing textiles, which survived only by exorbitant tariffs to bar British products (mirroring Britain’s treatment of India). The same was true of steel and other industries, right to the present, particularly in the highly protectionist Reagan years, which broke post-war records – even putting aside the state sector of the economy.

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