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The current paintings addresses itself to the query of the character of appraisive innovations resembling have been the topic of research within the recommendations of worth* and The strategies of feedback. ** Many difficulties of best significance within the thought of worth couldn't be correctly handled there with out diminishing the elemental objective of these stories which used to be especially to spot, classify and supply a common theoretical framework for the host of options with which we represent and commend matters of appraisal in the entire imperative parts of human curiosity. the writer may have forestalled the disgruntlement of a few of his critics had he then explicitly promised to contemplate these difficulties at a later time. yet his reluctance to vow what he is probably not able to produce outweighed a willing knowledge of what the issues are and in their obtrusive seriousness. even supposing my remedy of such difficulties has purely now been undertaken, in element of time my main issue with them antedates via a ways the em­ pirical explorations of the 2 texts pointed out. somebody who undertakes one of these examine is probably going to have come lower than the in­ fluence of Professor Frank Sibley's 'Aesthetic Concepts't and of later boost­ ments in his research of yes appraisive suggestions. What do such innovations suggest and the way do they mean9 those are the questions he taken care of in this type of stimulating fashion.

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4. 4 ILLUSTRATIONS In the foregoing analysis we can see that some describable element, let us call it Q, some material or descriptive content in an appraisal or appraisive concept is what a given C and D pair have in common, and this element is what would be credited in one case or context and discredited in the same context. When we now observe some subject S and ask ourselves whether anything in Q itself can guide us to a decision as to credit or discredit, the answer appears to be that it cannot by itself do so.

13-PD however, will change, most likely towards new improvised verbal forms in 13-PC, which was practically non-existent previously except through conceptual improvisation. The so-called women's revolution, however, calls for more than a mere change of appraisal. It asks for changes in social, economic, even political practice. It is not just a question of a more favorable appraisal of women, who have in general in the past been thought of in crediting if not superlative terms. But the issue is not, or not just, appraisal but a revision of practice, and any such revision will encounter difficulties.

The other, U, might concede that this or that aspect of S's behavior or utterance was sincere and made a serious moral point. But the issue between them must not be confused by these incidental concessions. There will still apparently be some core issue at stake about S's behavior and regarding this someone could formulate with objectivity a description Q about it, in principle acceptable to both U and V. From the behavior so specified and described U and V have proceeded to credit and to discredit S's behavior.

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