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An Illustrated advisor to trendy Airborne Missiles ASIN: 0668058226 EAN: 9780668058223 Binding: Hardcover

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Since in this view the emperor personified the distinctive essence of Japan, there could be no refusal of a request in his name. Individuals found themselves routinely agreeing to activities which could not command their rational support but with which they complied because they were attributed to the "divine" emperor. Numerous early victories on the Asiatic continent and in the Pacific seemed to justify their enthusiasm. Late in the war, the same irrationality dragged them out of bed to jog with their neighbours on wintry predawn visits to nearby shrines; or drove them to accept with resignation the prospective defence of the kokutai with bamboo spears against sophisticated modern armaments.

The degree of public support for Kotoku cannot be known, since details were not published. The mass of the Japanese people probably agreed with their leaders that any disagreement gravely threatened national strength. Whether or not they enjoyed the support of the people, the actions of the government leaders curbed debate and put anyone who questioned the kokutai under suspicion. By the end of the Meiji Period, the policies of the Oligarchs had won Japan a place among the Western nations and had prevented colonial takeover.

34). If the Japanese were to relax and let God's will be done, he thought, they would have a great future, but it appeared to him Introduction'. The Setting for Japan's Pacifism 29 that they would try to seize what would otherwise come naturally. If they did so, he thought, God would use their adversaries to smite them down in certain defeat. God will summon his avenger from afar — planes and battleships will come from the ends of the earth to attack like clouds and waves, filling air and sea. They will spoil, for the first time, that "glorious history of heavenly protection" of which the Japanese have long been boastful.

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