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By Ntoubandi, F.Z.

Drawing on crystallizing traits in State's perform in recognize of amnesty, this ebook offers a complete criminal framework in which supplies of amnesty might be reconciled with the obligation to prosecute center crimes lower than overseas legislations.

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Amnesties have been granted over the years in respect of atrocities committed in at least three different contexts; namely, in the context of international armed conÀict, in that of civil war and in the context of transition from dictatorship to democratic rule. In the context of an international armed conÀict, rehabilitation is usually raised as a justi¿cation for granting amnesty to those who violated military laws during the conÀict. For example, the necessity to rehabilitate American soldiers, who THE CONCEPT OF AMNESTY 25 violated the laws of war during the Vietnam War, was advanced by Weisman as justi¿cation for his call for amnesty.

THE CONCEPT OF AMNESTY 33 Several national amnesty laws provide for formal and procedural effects of amnesty in different ways. For example, the formal and procedural effects of the Salvadorian Amnesty Law of 1993 appeared in its Article 4 as follows: The amnesty and pardon granted by this law function in the following manner: a) For those convicted of a crime, which deprives them of liberty, the judge or court carrying out the sentence will of¿cially decree the release of those condemned, without having to pay bail.

N. 46 at 645, 651 and 611 respectively. htm. See A. Axelrod, n. 43 at 419. See Treaties of Peace 1919–1923 vol. html. A. O’Shea, n. 5, especially in Chapter 2 at 15. Id. at 15–16. 60 It is worth noting that the IMT Charter was not a peace treaty agreed upon between the Allied Powers and Germany; it was rather an instrument negotiated by the victors among themselves and imposed on the vanquished. Nevertheless, on the basis of the IMT Charter, subsequent agreements also put great emphasis on the trial and punishment of the Axis war criminals rather than on oblivion, pardon and amnesty.

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