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By Rod Davis

This chronicle of Davis's made up our minds look for the genuine legacy of voudou in the United States finds a spirit-world from New Orleans to Miami that allows you to shatter long-held stereotypes concerning the faith and its position in our tradition. The real-life dramas of the practitioners, real believers and skeptics of the voudou international additionally supply a noticeably diversified entree right into a half-hidden, half-mythical South, and by way of extension into another soul of the US. Readers drawn to the dynamic relationships among faith and society, and within the offerings made by way of humans stuck within the flux of clash, might be heartened by way of this special tale of survival or even renaissance of what could have been the main persecuted faith in American heritage. The tensions that experience arisen among Cubans and African americans over either the management and the assumption process of the faith is mentioned. Davis increases questions and provides perception into the character of faith, American tradition, and race family members.

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Her old phone had been disconnected and her new number was unlisted. Nothing, either, when I drove over to her tiny ministry, the St. Lazarus Spiritual Church of Christ, a converted $125-a-month shotgun shack among the row houses and junk yards of Metropolitan Street northeast of the Quarter. I could tell by the trash and tall weeds that she wasn't there. Lorita Mitchell would never let her church fall into disrepair. A crucifix stood amid the detritus like a sentry, but the vestibule door was locked tight.

A religion without a living people to practice it is just another footnote in a history textbook. Afri- Page 12 can theology was a different matterthe slave population grew, instead of dwindled. Eliminating the slave religion, and replacing it with Christianity, required centuries of repressive laws, executions, maimings and brainwashing. But it worked. Which is why we were performing one of the most devout rituals of the voudou culture at the French Market under cover of night, instead of among throngs of well-wishers on a weekend afternoon, or on Sunday morning TV.

I filled up on cake and talked to James, a big, quiet man who ran a private security business which employed Lorita's son Andrew. Like many people in New Orleans, James wasn't voudou, but that didn't mean he didn't put stock in it. He had come to Lorita after a former girlfriend hexed him by killing a cat. His business went bad, he said, until Lorita. cleaned him with chickens, passing them over his body to draw the spell from him, and then killed them to keep the spell from spreading. Now James was okay and had begun going to Lorita's church and did some repair work for her.

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