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By Andrei A. Buckareff, Yujin Nagasawa

The concept that of God in response to conventional Judeo-Christian-Islamic theism minimally contains the subsequent theses: (i) there's one God; (ii) God is an omniscient, all-powerful, and morally ideal agent; (iii) God is the author ex nihilo of the universe and the sustainer of all that exists; and (iv) God is an immaterial substance that's ontologically certain from the universe. Proponents of different concepts Read more...


in keeping with conventional Judeo-Christian-Islamic theism, God is an omniscient, all-powerful, and morally excellent agent. This quantity exhibits that philosophy of faith must take seriously Read more...

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The last branch, (1bii), is Molinism, the subject of much discussion in recent years (see Perszyk 2011). Although conceding its coherence I reject it, on Ockhamist grounds, as without precedent in the human condition, and hence failing to cohere with the case from PAM to DAT. This is one of the topics where my rejection of Perfect Being Theology is relevant. Provided it is coherent, middle knowledge is plausibly taken as perfection. Having rejected divine eternity I need to defend Personal Pantheism not merely from the threat of synchronic disunity, which I have done in the previous section, but from that of diachronic disunity.

4 The Advantage of Nature Worship One of the advantages of Personal Pantheism is that we can incorporate the worship of nature into Abrahamic religions, which have been vehemently opposed to nature worship, because of its association with agriculture, sex, and procreation—great goods of course but not the stuff of worship. The romantic nature religion of poets (Wordsworth, or in a more Christian way Gerard Manley Hopkins) is quite compatible, however, with the Abrahamic tradition. The divine narrative identity can give such nature worship emotionally engaging detail.

Bayes-proof attitudes are not immune to all rational argument but they are immune to confirmation arguments, as follows: My hypothesis predicts something of which we have good evidence, but which yours does not. So my hypothesis is significantly more probable than it would otherwise be. I endorse the following sort of argument that can be deployed against both Bayesproof Atheism and Agnosticism and to rebut any naturalistic case against Bayes-proof theism:11 Theism is at least fairly plausible because we know in our own cases of facts concerning awareness and agency and so, without violating Ockham’s Razor we may hypothesize an agent of unlimited awareness and unlimited power.

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