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Introduces the center suggestions, evaluates how winning they are often, in addition to what difficulties might be encountered Dispels various myths surrounding agile improvement

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What is required is that they are elaborated sufficiently to allow prioritisation and an initial cost estimate to be associated with them. 2. This initial feature list is then used to create a plan of the iterations to be undertaken. Each iteration should have one or more features associated with it and should not be too long. Each iteration should have a timebox associated with it that specifies when it starts and when it finishes. 3. Before each iteration starts, the iteration should be planned in detail.

So, the MoSCoW rules are applied. MoSCoW stands for: Must haves: fundamental to the projects success “on time” Should haves: important but the projects success does not rely on these Could haves: can easily be left out without impacting on the project “on budget” Won’t have this time round: can be left out this time and done at a later date. A clear prioritisation is developed ensuring that the essential work is completed within the given timeframe. 2 · Agile Methods and the Agile Manifesto 25 Recent trends within the DSDM community have been to combine DSDM with XP to gain the benefits of DSDM’s project management framework and business focus with XP’s high efficiency and high-quality development practices, what has been called Enterprise XP or EXP (Craddock, 2002).

3. It is possible to still use existing engineering practices within SCRUM (which may help facilitate the introduction of agile methods into an organisation). 4. It is an inherently team-based approach and helps to improve communications and co-operation. 5. It scales from small projects up to very large projects. 6. It helps to identify and then remove any obstacle to the smooth development of the end product. At its core SCRUM is a set of rules, procedures, and practices that are all interrelated and that work together to improve the development environment, reduce organisational overheads and ensure that iterative deliverables match the end users requirements.

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