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By Kiśora Śāntābāī Kāḷe

Autobiography of twentieth century Marathi writer.

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Have work to do. ' At dawn Nana arose and Bai immediately put my head down on the bed and gOt up too . She had not slept a ll nigh t. Aii, ajoba a nd others a lso got up. Everyone requesTed Nana to stay anoth er day but their pleas ani), increased his irritation. He ye lled at Bai [0 bathe and get· ready. I starred crying and that made Nana angrier. 'Stop yowling or 1 will slap you,' he shou ted. But I cricd harder, how could 1 help it? Na na rushed towa rds me and hit me hard . ' That brought jiji running.

SIIA NTARAI KAU. away from her when he was at Nerla. I watched them a nd wondered if my mother shared a sim ilar relationship with Nann. I believed that there was no other woman or wife in Ram csh kOlka's life except Sushecla m:lushi. He bore all the expenses of Kondiba aioba's household. ht Kondiba a bullock cart, had a well dug at the field and even bought a pump which was fitted into rhe well. H e did not drink and appeared to have no vices at all. So whenever Ramesh kaka came to Ner la, Ko ndiba ordered a chicken [0 be killed and cooked in honou r of the guest.

I passed my second standard exams. All my class mates passed as well. They sat behi nd me in class and copied my answers. If I did not show them the answers, they wou ld drag me to the orchard and beat me. And if I did, I was rewarded by Kantilal Kale and Dilip Andhare with corn on the cob, roasted peanuts, tam arind and other snacks. When I remind them of this now, they laugh. Bur I remember, once when 1 did not tell Kantilal an answer because Gu ruji had asked me not to, he tricked me into going with him to the sugarcane field 7l -KISHORE SHANTAn ....

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