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Therm mal Bhaviour and Enthalpyy Relaxation inn Aromatic Poolycarbonate… … 35 As reported d in Table 3, an increase off the T-PBFA A content in thhe copolymer correspond * too an increase of Δh valuee. These resuults could be also interpretted in terms of o fragility cooncept, develo oped by Angeel in 1985 [21] for classifyying the simpple glass form ming liquids beehaviours. In this view, strrong liquids are a characterissed by stable structure andd properties thhat do not dram matically channge from the liiquid state to the t glassy statte.

Zaikov SF VolgSABU, The Volgograd area, c. Mihaylovka, 21 Michurin street, 403300 Volgograd, Russia Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 4 Kosygin Street, 117334 Moscow, Russia АBSTRACT Calculation of the mixture of oxidants of differential propellant (molecular oxygen – ozone) was made by classical quantum-chemical semitheoretical method CNDO/2 in parametrization of Santri-Poppl-Segal. Optimized geometric and electronic structure of the combination of these oxidants was received.

B. 1. Molecular Structure and Tg. The influence of copolymer composition and number average molecular weight on glass transition temperature was studied by DSC. a the Tg values of the copolymers having M n ≈9000 g/mol were plotted as a function of TMBPA content and in the same figure the experimental data were compared with the Fox prevision [12]. Higher stiffness of the polymeric chains was observed when the tetramethyl bisphenol A content increases, being 136°C, 161°C and 187°C the Tg values for P-TBPA/BPA 5/95, P-TBPA/BPA 50/50 and PTBPA, respectively.

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