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By Peter Heinegg

"Abrahamic faith" has lengthy been a buzzword in ecumenical discourse. it's the inspiration that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, regardless of their profound modifications, are united of their reverence for Abraham—not simply because the progenitor of Israel, yet as a common father within the religion. Abraham's Ashes bargains a forceful critique of the biblical and Qur'anic perspectives of Abraham, displaying how on the center of all prophetic religions lies an untenable fantasy of suprarational magical wondering "revelation." This fantasy consists of communiqués to a privileged male from a mysterious patriarchal God who calls for, and when it comes to Jesus, truly gets the tribute of human sacrifice. This merciless tale proves to be an apt creation to the weird, contradictory, and oppressive myth referred to as monotheism.

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But God saves the day again, by telling Abimelech, a decent fellow, the truth about Sarah—and striking his harem with sterility. In Chapter 21, as mentioned, Sarah once again turns on Hagar, and drives her and her son Ishmael off into the wilderness—for good. As so often, the Hebrew Bible doesn’t mind portraying its protagonists in a downright ugly light. In Chapter 22, the so-called “Binding of Isaac,” we witness the absolute worst moment of Abraham’s life and one of most repellent scenes in the Bible.

In Exodus 13. ” What this comes down to is, “Every firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb; and if you wilt not redeem it, then thou shalt break his neck: and all the firstborn of man among thy children shalt thou redeem (v. This idea is kept alive today in the Jewish ceremony of pidyon ha-ben, the “redemption” of the firstborn son: On the thirty-first day after the birth of a boy, the child is “bought back” from God by a symbolic payment of five silver shekels (see “Firstborn, Redemption of the,” in The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, 1997).

Pother. Must be, believers dig their pains— the deadly God-drug’s fried their brains All true, and yet believers claim, “We do feel something, all the same. ” No, actually it’s masturbation. It’s self-provoked neuronal jollies, a praying-hands-job, theo-follies. (Bernini’s St. Teresa’s wound, so sweetly painful that she swooned). Oh well, no need to start a fight— whatever gets you through the night, I guess. But really, why not keep your wits—and tell that “Lord” to bleep himself and all the fraud that taints the playpen antics of the saints?

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