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By Andrew Chaikin

It selections up the place the suitable Stuff left off. [Stu Roosa, Apollo 14, again cover]


In a 2007 afterword, Chaikin discusses how a scarcity of development in human spaceflight has compelled exploration-hungry observers to show their curiosity to robot probes. to make certain, the achievements of those remote-controlled explorers were extraordinary and interesting to observe. As Chaikin wrote, rovers have been exploring Mars, Cassini had arrived at Saturn, and New Horizons used to be simply starting its trip to Pluto. yet Chaikin is apparent that in basic terms human spaceflight can encourage humans and ignite their passions within the means Apollo did. [Apollo evaluate,]

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They decided to continue. In the blockhouse, seated next to Roosa at the Stony console, Deke Slayton listened as technicians tried to fix the faulty com­ munications. Slayton was forty-three years old. He had been a ci­ vilian for several years now, but he still carried himself with the quiet, serious demeanor he'd had as a young air force fighter pilot. Another member of the Original 7, Slayton was one of Gus Gris­ som's best friends, but their fortunes could not have been more different. Grissom was now a veteran of two space missions, while Slayton had been grounded since 1962 for a minor heart irregularity and was still waiting for his first chance to fly in space.

If people didn’t quite understand that, if they wondered why astronauts didn’t sound like explorers when they talked, he had a simple answer. He wasn’t an explorer; he was a test pilot. As the months passed, the Nine came into their own, and at the same time the Original 7 waned. Alan Shepard, the first American in space, considered by many to be the most skilled pilot of the Seven, had been taken out of the running by an inner ear disorder and, like Deke Slayton, was grounded indefinitely. John Glenn was THE OFFICE 35 spending so much time making public appearances and so little time in the Astronaut Office that Wally Schirra had criticized him in a television interview for shirking his duties to the program.

It was one of the sup­ port people at the Cape. " The man's voice was quiet. Bean heard no anguish in it. He had to stop and think about the words. “The crew" was surely Gris­ som's; were the people at the Cape having trouble finding them? Lost the crew? " The voice stumbled over more words that didn't make sense; he just didn't seem to want to tell Bean what had really happened. It took a long time for him to say it: Grissom, White, and Chaffee were dead. Bean had barely hung up the phone when it rang again; this time it was Mike Collins, in Deke Slayton's office up in the admin­ istration building.

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