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This entire and succinct encyclopedia lines the origins and improvement of the BahNB'! religion from nineteenth-century Iran to the fashionable day, overlaying its important figures and significant historic occasions.

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This was most particularly the and the motif of sacrificial MARTYRDOM case with the intense messianic expectain the KARBALA tradition. The urban tions associated with the appearance of conflicts, by contrast, whatever wider the M n ~ o i Bibism .

Bahi'u'llih specified that these days occur immediately before the month of FASTING. They should be a period of celebration, charity, hospitality and gift giving. 178-9 n27-9; Walbridge, Sacred 2 16. Azal, Subh-i(PA, 'Morn of Eternity') Religious title of Mirzi Yahyb (1831121912), son of Mitzi 'ABBASby Kiichik Khinum, one of his concubines (see N u ~ FAMILY). i He was a younger halfbrother of Bahb'u'lllh, and was raised by him following their father's death (1839). He was presumably introduced to the Bbbi religion by his brother.

Shoghi Effendi also outlined the 'most outstanding obligations' of the spiritual assemblies: (1) directing the TEACHING work; (2) protecting the Bahi'i Faith from its enemies; ( 3 ) promoting amity amongst the Bahi'is and their active service to the Faith; (4) assisting the poor, sick, disabled, orphaned and widowed, 'irrespective of colour, caste and creed'; (5) promoting the material and spiritual enlightenment of youth and child education; (6) maintaining regular correspondence with Bahi'i centres throughout the world and sharing news of their activities; (7) stimulating the development of Bahb'i PERIODICALS; ( 8 ) arranging regular Bahi'i meetings (see FEAST; HOLY DAYS), together with gatherings to promote 'the social, intellectual and spiritual interests of their fellow-men'; and (9) REVIEW of all Bahi'i publications and translations (whilst the Faith was 'still in its infancy'), and provision for their distribution to the public (BA 37-8).

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