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By Dean L. Overman

.cs95E872D0{text-align:left;text-indent:0pt;margin:0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt} .cs5EFED22F{color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-family:Times New Roman; font-size:12pt; font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; } .csA62DFD6A{color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-family:Times New Roman; font-size:12pt; font-weight:normal; font-style:italic; } a few of the brightest clinical minds of our time, from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, have made marvelous insights into the earliest origins of the universe, yet have didn't finally detect why there's something instead of nothing—why we exist. In A Case for the lifestyles of God, Dean L. Overman examines the most recent theories in regards to the origins of the universe and explains why even the main refined technology can basically take us to date. eventually we needs to make a jump of religion to appreciate the realm, and Overman argues bounce into theism presents the main pleasurable conclusions.Overman explores primary questions on why our global exists and the way it features, utilizing rules of common sense, physics, and theology. In a time whilst faith and technological know-how are frequently portrayed as diametrically adversarial, A Case for the lifestyles of God provides a fresh view of the interaction among technological know-how and faith and makes a compelling case for the lifestyles of God and his position in our international.

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Why does it exist? Why is there anything at all? We know that nothing comes from nothing. Ex nihilo nihil fit. We know that there is something. Something could not have come from nothing. Why is there something? Leibniz’s question is based on the principle of sufficient reason: No fact can exist without a sufficient reason for its existence. This principle is necessary when one considers the intelligibility of the universe. This intelligibility was the fact that most amazed Albert Einstein. As I emphasize many times in this book, science could not proceed without this intelligibility.

Rationalists, such as Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz, were Continental European philosophers who took the position that reason is a more reliable path to knowledge than experience. Deductive philosophy was their method with particular emphasis on the use of mathematical logic as a dependable method of determining truth. Empiricists,14 on the other hand, such as Locke and Hume, were British philosophers who maintained that all knowledge came from direct observation of phenomena. For them sense perception was the dominant characteristic of dependable knowledge.

It is human beings who reflect, not brains or minds detached from concrete human persons. ”24 Human thinking is not only the thinking of a finite, contingent being but also a being whose thought processes are distorted by pride and self-interest. Although modern scientific reasoning indicates that we can discuss the concept of God in rational terms, we need to acknowledge our limitations; a finite being will not comprehend fully an infinite being. If God is infinite, 21 A CASE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD any attempt to grasp such a being will be incomplete.

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