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The publication involves ninety seven brief essays contained the following. sure the entire ninety seven issues.
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Enterprise architecture patterns deal with the high-level architecture, whereas design patterns deal with how individual components within the architecture are structured and behave. Enterprise Architecture Patterns define the framework for the high-level architecture. Some of the more common architecture patterns include Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA), and Pipeline Architecture. Application Architecture Patterns specify how applications or subsystems within the scope of a larger enterprise architecture should be designed.

You can do it the easy way in about a day, or the hard way in about a week. Which way should you do it? Suppose that the easy way makes four new fields required, whereas doing it the hard way makes the program smart enough to handle incomplete data. Which way should you do it? Required fields seem innocuous, but they are always an imposition of your will on users. They force users to gather more information before starting their jobs. This often means they have to keep their data on Post-It notes until they've got everything together at the same time, resulting in lost data, delays, and general frustration.

As an architect, you set the tone. You've got the best overall grasp of the system and you probably wrote a trend-setting, end-to-end, vertical slice of the system that serves as an example for the team - an example that has been copied many times by now. Whenever a developer copies anything - be it a few lines of code, an XML-file, or a class - that's a clear indication that something could be made simpler or even completely abstracted away. Most often, it's not the domain logic that is copied; it's the infrastructure code that just has to be there to make it work.

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