Download 50 Horror Films. The must-sees, those that changed the genre by Roger Hauser PDF

By Roger Hauser

Usually the horror looks with out knocking. This amazing choice offers numerous classics, all- time masterpieces and cult movies identified basically by means of specialists. take pleasure in this beautiful horror menu and get ready to tremble.

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He has too much love and too much hatred to offer, thus, if his romantic desires are not fulfilled his frustration will result in carnage. Their lives are miserable, but they are portrayed as terrifying to our eyes. The common human being fails to perceive the secret suffering buried in their sinister bodies. These two stories were central to the development of horror movies, and were probably the root of many of the sub-genres of the 1960’s. • Origins and Evolution of Horror in Cinema Lon Chaney was a prominent pioneer of horror in silent films such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and, especially, The Phantom of the Opera.

Films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Hands of Orlac and The Student of Prague have set the tone, taken up by Universal Pictures’ early examples in North American cinema. Three decades later, the English producer Hammer continued in the same vein. Despite the fact that Edgar Allan Poe’s work can be considered an early source of inspiration for horror films, Universal Studios went down another road and selected two scarcely known writers, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley, authors of the novels Dracula and Frankenstein, respectively.

Austrian Fritz Lang devoted one of his masterpieces to the genre: M, the Düsseldorf Vampire, which was dramatically mixed with noir crime, where a child murderer devastates the Düsseldorf community. It was Lang’s second-to-last film before his exile in Germany, and one of the first films to use the concept of leitmotiv. •British Alfred Hitchcock unleashed suspense and shocked cinema lovers when a spurt of blood dissolved into the bathtub water in Psycho (1960) or when a flock of birds suddenly attacked a blonde in The Birds (1963).

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