Berta Rojas
History of Tango
Berta Rojas & Camerata Bariloche
[ 2015 ]
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“History of Tango”, Berta Roja’s latest album in collaboration with the iconic Argentinian orchestra Camerata Bariloche, with 12 pieces than render a special tribute to the genre.
“History of Tango” was recorded in Estudio ION in Buenos Aires, where Astor Piazzola himself recorded 5 albums. The album covers some of the most iconic tango pieces specially arranged by Carlos Franzetti, Grammy and Latin Grammy winner.
«irresistible disc featuring guitarist Berta Rojas and Camerata Bariloche...»
Donald Rosemberg
[ USA ]
Conducted and Produced by Popi Spatocco
Arrenged by Carlos Franzetti
Special guest: Néstor Marconi
"Taquito Militar"
[ Mariano Mores ]
Berta Rojas & Camerata Bariloche
Direction and Script: Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori - Photography Direction and Camera: Richard Careaga - Executive Producers: Gabriela Sabaté and Silvia Kohnen - Production in Buenos Aires Mayra Bottero and Liv Zaretzky - Image Consultant: Celeste Prieto