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Seattle, Wash.: Puget Sound Academy of Science. [Vancouver, B. Nature in the City’s Peter Brastow and long-time ecological activist Ruth Gravanis present a comprehensive overview of San Francisco’s natural environment, discussing the less-than-obvious meanings of the concept of “nature” within the urban environment. Much of the forest, which is vital for the protection of the city's water and hydroelectric energy supplies, has been converted to pasture, with the result that the land is becoming severely eroded.

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Piranha (A Day in the Life: Rain Forest Animals)

Amazonia - My Journey Into the Unknown

In 1800, a commissioner was appointed to look into the availability of teak in the Malabar forests. In 1806, the Madras government appointed Capt. Watson as the commissioner of forests for organizing the production of teak and other timber suitable for the building of ships Life Magazine - April 10, 1944 - Air Marshal Harris. Fragmentation of forests can be determined from satellite imagery (Table 2) and aerial photography over time B is for Bear: Bears Facts For Kids: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids - Wildlife (Children's Animal Books). The objective of the project is to draw statistical comparisons over time that will allow city officials to relate changes in the urban forest (tree species and size) to changes in environmental conditions (road traffic density, height of surrounding buildings, and surface composition) Forests, Power and Policy: The Legacy of Ray Williston. Biological Invasions 4(1-2):35-53. Simula, M. 2009. Towards defining forest degradation: comparative analysis of existing definitions. Forest Resources Assessment Working Paper 154 pdf. Forest recovery following pasture abandonment in the Paragominas region depends on the history of site utilization (Uhl et al.,1988). Biomass accumulation is rapid where pastures are abandoned within one year of formation because of poor grass establishment National Geographic, Vol. 179 (January-June, 1991) online. As the years go on, we get less and less affected by the picture. (#56) When I was a kid, the whole thing about animals getting caught in pieces of plastic really concerned me, but after a while it started to appear in every single animation, movie, documentary, and school, and by now, I’m not that concerned about it anymore. (#145) Two students described similar stories where their aversion to air pollution in Curitiba lasted only a few months, because they became accustomed to it download National Geographic, Vol. 179 (January-June, 1991) pdf. In order to do so, the law would have to recognize that nature was not just a conglomeration of objects that could be owned, but was a subject that itself had legal rights and the standing to be represented in the courts to enforce those rights. The article eventually formed the basis for a famous dissenting judgment by Justice Douglas in the 1972 case of Sierra Club v National Geographic Magazine, September 2012.

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Such cultural considerations usually take the form of joint programs with various local authorities. More modern cultural remains, such as livestock huts, are of equal importance. No planting takes place on the cultivated land often included in the hut sites, and in connection with felling operations a strip of vegetation is left around the hut and its plot Life Magazine, 24 March 1941. Residents will also be asked to check their water service line to find out if it might be lead or copper. The water will then be sent to Virginia Tech for testing - the same lab used to uncover the Flint water crisis. Results will be shared publicly (but anonymously) with news media, Philadelphia Water and individual residents who participated in the testing National Geographic: November 1977 - Vol. 152, No. 5. Birdlife International estimated that there were between 20,000 and 50,000 birds in 2009, but those numbers are far from definitive. The New Zealand Journal of Ecology is a vital forum for ecologists to publish research relevant to New Zealand and the South Pacific. The journal is highly regarded worldwide (2015 ISI impact factor 1.247) Australia Map (From the National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 124, No. 3, September 1963).

The National Geographic Magazine. Vol. XIX No. 6 (June, 1908)

Trees, Rivers and Fields

They also grade into less rich forests which we earlier called simply "mesic." Mesic forests in turn grade into the Oak-Chestnut type, which characterizes the driest ridges and slopes, The dominant tree in them currently is the Chestnut Oak, but Northern Red and Black Oaks and the hickories are also important Inyo National Forest (Images of America: California). Because vines are favored by forest disturbances and are more common as well as more diverse in warmer environments, human-induced disturbances and global warming are likely to promote vine abundance. Perhaps these environmental modifications are already responsible for the reported increase in the growth rates and abundance of large diameter lianas in tropical forests (Phillips et al. 2002), but more data are needed to evaluate this trend and its proposed cause online. Meanwhile, Indonesia has experienced several severe droughts in recent decades. The worst occurred in 1982-1983 and 1997-1998 when millions of acres of forest burned. One of the leading causes of rainforest destruction is logging. Many types of wood used for furniture, flooring, and construction are harvested from tropical forests in Africa, Asia, and South America download. - Peruse sections on atoms, matter, elements, the periodic table, biochemistry, and reactions. Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) - Facilitates communication, cooperation, collaboration, and coordination among the varied environmental education programs in the state Life Magazine March 6, 1964 -- Cover: Cassius Clay. This fog provides crucial moisture for the forests during what is for other forest types, the dry summer (Gabler et al, 1975). The seasonal winds buffeting the coastline play a key role in maintaining the character of these forests Tropical Rain Forest (Scholastic Reader Level 3). Covering less than 2 percent of the Earth's total surface area, the world's rainforests are actually home to 50 percent of the Earth's plants and animals and act as the world's thermostat by regulating temperatures and weather patterns, according to the Nature Conservancy. They are also some of the most beautiful spots in the world and worth a visit on your next vacation. View the slideshow above to explore 15 of the world's most spectacular rainforests online.


Forests and Climate Change: The Social Dimensions of REDD in Latin America

My First Summer in the Sierra (Canons)

Scientific Results of an Expedition to Rain Forest Regions in Eastern Africa. IX. Zoogeography and Itinerary, 1937, Bulletin of the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, 79 (9) : 483-539, 4 plates.

National Geographic Magazine, February 1989, (Vol. 175, No. 2)



Life Magazine - February 14, 1969

The National Geographic Magazine, July 1950 (Vol. 98, No. 1)

LIFE Magazine - July 21, 1941

National Geographic February 2007: Healing the Heart

The same tropical rain forest biome continues along the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Including montane and subalpine forests in the region, Weigand estimated the original forest as 919,000 ha. Using a 1:5,000,000 rather than a 1:10,000,000 scale map of average annual precipitation, the GIS-derived figure equaled 190,000 ha Life Magazine December 2, 1957 -- Cover: Krushchev Speaking at Moscow Party. For obvious reasons, it is shameful to read the statistics on how discriminating man has been, especially when it comes to deforestation… but at the end there is always hope. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest are lost each year Forest Management: Applications, Challenges and Strategies. Meg Lowman’s ( ) canopy-to-forest floor research in Puerto Rico, also funded by National Science Foundation National Geographic Magazine, December, 1973, Vol. 144, No. 6. The Badeng view the world as deeply dynamic and connected to an individual agent’s actions. They use that view to schedule daily agricultural activities as well as manage during times of extreme climate vulnerabilities, such as past mega-droughts Life Magazine: February 19, 1965. The potential for forest regrowth can be greatly reduced when pastures are reformed through bulldozing or are used intensively, through a combination of high grazing density (>1 animal/hectare for a period of eight years), repeated burning and weeding, and herbicide application. Ranchers bulldoze degraded pastures to clear away logs, stumps and woody debris and to remove the root systems of weedy grasses, shrubs and woody sprouts in preparation for planting Deforestation and Climate Change. Such events spell doom for most of the epiphytes in the higher reaches, for they are unlikely to survive the fall or the damp, shady conditions on the forest floor. But these hazards must be weighed against the advantage, in a habitat dominated by tall plants, of gaining access to the light without investing in lengthy stems National Geographic Magazine, March 1991 (Volume 179 Number 3). Building bridges: China’s growing role as infrastructure financier for Africa. World Bank Publications, Herndon, VA, USA THE TROPICAL RAIN FOREST: An Ecological Study.. Journal of Arid Environments 75(8), 695-702. DOI: 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2011.03.005 Van der Zande D, Stuckens J, Verstraeten W, Mereu S, Muys B, Coppin P 2011. 3D modeling of light interception in heterogeneous forest canopies using ground-based LIDAR data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 13, 792-800 RAINFOREST ANIMALS-TEL (Random House Tell Me About Books). Companies can, and should, make sure things like fast food packaging and toilet paper are not pushing orangutans to extinction LIFE Magazine - October 2, 1964 - The Warren Report. These include reafforestation of upper watersheds, mixed cropping of middle slopes and intensive production in the bottom of valleys, with rice cultivation in paddy fields, fish farming and vegetable gardening National Geographic Magazine Vol 144 No 5. Interior continental regions get much of their rainfall "recycled” by upwind coastal vegetation, and their removal can shut off this vital moisture transport system Life Magazine: April 17, 1944. Forest Genetic Resources Working Papers, Working Paper FGR/66E. Forest Resources Development Service, Forest Resources Division. An evaluation of the structure and function of tropical homegardens. The role of protected areas in conserving biodiversity and sustaining local livelihoods. Annual Review of Environmental Resources 30, 219–252 The National Geographic Magazine. April, 1937..