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Note that the verse says one day "is as" a thousand years. This article aims to be historical, but also, in part, practical, by indicating the best helps of this kind. Philip saith unto him, Come and see. 47Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! 48Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? If you know Greek even a little bit, then you ought to be studying how the Greek words of the NT change in meaning from context to context.

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Publisher: Jerome Goodwin; 1 edition (May 4, 2011)


Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Understanding the Bible Commentary Series)

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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Understanding the Bible Commentary Series)

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World's Concise Bible Concordance

If you're looking for online Bible search tools, here are some of the best choices for handy, easy-to-use and powerful resources for looking up Bible verses or studying God's Word online. You'll discover that searching for a particular Bible verse is easier than ever, and preparing a Bible study is simplified when you use one of these practical resources. is my absolute favorite online Bible search tool The NIV Exhaustive Bible Concordance, Third Edition: A Better Strong's Bible Concordance! If you can't afford one or don't think you will need it very often, you can go to a library (either at your church, or the public library, or to a college or University library, or you can even go searching on the Internet.) and look up your words Holman Ultimate Giant Print Bible Dictionary and Concordance. 1When the prophets, Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo, prophesied to the Jews who were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel, who was over them, 2 then Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel and Jeshua the son of Jozadak arose and began to rebuild the house of God which is in Jerusalem; and the prophets of God were with them supporting them. 3 At that time Tattenai, the governor of the province beyond the [ a ]River, and Shethar-bozenai and their colleagues came to them and spoke to them thus, “Who issued you a decree to rebuild this [ b ]temple and to finish this structure?” 4 Then we told them accordingly what the names of the men were who were reconstructing this building. 5 But the eye of their God was on the elders of the Jews, and they did not stop them until a report could come to Darius, and then a written reply be returned concerning it. 6 This is the copy of the letter which Tattenai, the governor of the province beyond the River, and Shethar-bozenai and his colleagues the officials, who were beyond the River, sent to Darius the king. 7 They sent a report to him in which it was written thus: “To Darius the king, all peace. 8 Let it be known to the king that we have gone to the province of Judah, to the house of the great God, which is being built with huge stones, and [ c ]beams are being laid in the walls; and this work is going on with great care and is succeeding in their hands. 9 Then we asked those elders and said to them thus, ‘Who issued you a decree to rebuild this temple and to finish this structure?’ 10 We also asked them their names so as to inform you, and that we might write down the names of the men who were at their head. 11 Thus they [ d ]answered us, saying, ‘We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth and are rebuilding the temple that was built many years ago, which a great king of Israel built and finished. 12 But because our fathers had provoked the God of heaven to wrath, He gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, the Chaldean, who destroyed this temple and deported the people to Babylon. 13 However, in the first year of Cyrus king of Babylon, King Cyrus issued a decree to rebuild this house of God. 14 Also the gold and silver utensils of the house of God which Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple [ e ]in Jerusalem, and brought them to the temple of Babylon, these King Cyrus took from the temple of Babylon and they were given to one whose name was Sheshbazzar, whom he had appointed governor. 15 He said to him, “Take these utensils, go and deposit them in the temple [ f ]in Jerusalem and let the house of God be rebuilt in its place.” 16 Then that Sheshbazzar came and laid the foundations of the house of God [ g ]in Jerusalem; and from then until now it has been under construction and it is not yet completed.’ 17 “Now if it pleases the king, let a search be conducted in the king’s treasure house, which is there in Babylon, if it be that a decree was issued by King Cyrus to rebuild this house of God at Jerusalem; and let the king send to us his decision concerning this matter.”

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The Greek-English Concordance to the New Testament is an exhaustive index to three Greek texts: United Bible Societies - 4th edition, Nestle-Aland - 26th edition, and the Greek text underlying the New International Version of the Bible. It replaces the venerable Englishman's Greek Concordance by George Wigram, published over 150 years ago Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. For example, if you are studying the subject "Prayer" you can look up from the concordance the passages that contain the words "pray," "prayer," "cry," "ask," "call," "supplication," "intercession," etc Swedenborg Concordance Part 3. It contains also a comparative concordance between the Authorized and Revised English versions, useful for a study of the changes introduced. Walker's Comprehensive Concordance to the Holy Scriptures (Boston, 1894) is almost as complete as Strong's download Melchizedek To Military - Digital Concordance Book 57 (Digital Concordance Of The Bible) pdf. A metaphor is the comparison of two unlike things or expressions, sometimes using the verb “to be,” and not using like or as (as in a simile) A complete concordance to the American standard version of the Holy Bible.

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It had stitching all around and had two ribbons. It was tempting but it was double the price, so I went with hard cover. It looks like 9-point font, but I’m just guessing. The red text looks more pink than red, but it is consistent in its print quality. There are plenty of headings in the text. The color of the headings is kind of a dark turquoise. This same color is used for the verse numbers Gospel According to St John: 11-21 and the First Epistle of John. In Genesis 1:28, Adam is told to "fill" the earth, instead of "replenish" it, which isn't the same at all. A great reference to television and magazines is destroyed when the NSRB replaces "pictures" with "stone idols" in Numbers 33:52 Cloak To Compared - Digital Concordance Book 17 (Digital Concordance Of The Bible). I'm always touched by your EXCELLENT WORK which keeps getting BETTER! Will you please pass on my thanks to the benefactor who helps defray your costs and time? The world owes both of you for offering THE WORD, which aesthetically and functionally trumps costlier products pdf. The question the "spiritualizers" of the Bible should ask themselves is, why did God say literally that this period of time would be a thousand years, when if He had some other period in mind. Why did not just state it plainly if meant something else? Often the Bible does use figurative speech A Critical Concordance to the Septuagint - Chronicles II: Book 2 Vol 66 (The computer-generated Bible). You can click on the hyperlinked words to see the Strong’s lexicon entry. If you will pick the full Strong lexicon, rather than Lite, this app provides the same functionality as the Blue Letter Bible referenced above. (The same functionality is provided in the And Bible app. Take your pick) Additionally, we recommend the TSK, or Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge” in the MySword app, because it provides extended cross references to biblical texts (more than available in even the most expensive printed Bibles) The Englishman's Greek Concordance of New Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers. Stedman - Wonderful online audio sermons covering various themes of the scriptures. Online Beautifully Illustrated With Musical Backgrounds & Free Downloads - This fantastic graphical presentation of Bible maps and Bible history has links on each picture to historical Bible details like - New Testament Political Background - New Testament Jewish Background - New Testament Maps - New Testament Charts - Historians - New Testament Jewish Calendar - New Testament Jewish Temple - Ancient Assyria - Old Testament Charts & Maps - Ancient Customs & Cities & much more Easton's Bible Dictionary (Best navigation).

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Many-colored To Melchi - Digital Concordance Book 56 (Digital Concordance Of The Bible)

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The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, Value Price: 21st Century Edition

Write the pertinent information you find in this blank. In Acts 1:1, the author addresses this Epistle (letter) to "Theophilus." From your Reference Bible or Bible Dictionary you will find that this name means, "Dear to God" or "Friend of God." (2) Record what information you find about Theophilus Matthew (LifeBuilder Bible Study). As a result, the introductions might be the first place to check to discern whether a study Bible takes a conservative or liberal interpretive perspective E. Lawrence Levy and Muscular Judaism, 1851-1932: Sport, Culture, and Assimilation in Nineteenth-Century Britain Together with "The Autobiography of ... computer-generated Bible) (Book 1 Vol 54). From the first of my studies, I found the Bible to be simple and clear. Daily study, coupled with my ability to quote the Bible as I yielded to the Spirit, helped me �rightly divide the truth� (2 Timothy 2:15) The Book of Jubilees. The works of Wigram and Hudson on the Greek N. T. are also very useful to the English reader. No concordance to the English Catholic Bible has been published, and it can hardly be said that one is much needed, except for the deutero-canonical books; the late concordances in English suffice, with the exception noted, for the needs of any intelligent reader Melchizedek To Military - Digital Concordance Book 57 (Digital Concordance Of The Bible) online. The best concordances indicate when the English word is translated by a different Greek/Hebrew word. For example, when you see the English word “love” they indicate which of the possible Greek words is being translated. Concordances are described with the following terms: Analytical — the words of the translated Bible are arranged alphabetically, classifying each under the respective Hebrew or Greek term behind the English translation (my preferred type) Earlier Version of the Wycliffite Bible: The Gospels Edited from MS Christ Church 145 v. 7 (Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Stockholm Studies in English). Abridgments have been published which sometimes endeavour to pass for the complete work. Cruden's work is not really a complete concordance, and omits especially many references to proper names, but his last edition had one virtue, lacking in the best concordances of our day, which commends it to Catholics especially, namely, its concordance to the deutero-canonical, or so-called apocryphal, books of the Old Testament, which, however, is usually not reprinted Youth Bible: New Century Version (Silver). Metal, pine, walnut, etc., do not fit the definition of gopher wood NIV Bible Concordance. I realize it is unusual to see such a brief booklet addressing so many subjects, but it is my personal belief that this is what many people need in these last days. The Bible Believer's Helpful Little Handbook has been well accepted by Christians because of it's variety, it's brevity, and it's scriptural content. I've tried to stick to that same basic principle in this booklet. Since this is mainly a reference guide, it isn't necessary for you to read the entire booklet in order to appreciate many of the truths it contains The NIV Comprehensive Concordance. The noble Judas warned the soldiers to keep themselves free from sin, for they had seen with their own eyes what had happened because of the sin of those who had fallen Right To Rudder - Digital Concordance Book 75 (Digital Concordance Of The Bible). Good teachers ask a mix of pin and window questions The Acts of the Apostles: a Socio-Rhetorical Commentary. The OT notes have been out of print for many years. Every preacher/teacher in the Wesleyan tradition should read Wesley's Notes before going to the pulpit. The Geneva Bible was the first complete Bible to be translated into English from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. In part due to the extensive marginal notes, it was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the Bible of choice for many of the greatest writers, thinkers, and historical figures of the Reformation era Bible Atlas.