Linear Models in Social Research

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Conference proceedings were conducted in the context and immediate aftermath of the BREXIT referendum in the UK and many discussions centred on the meaning of the negative referendum for EU Citizenship and the future of the EU in general, especially as the project is coming to fruition now and engages in narrative and scenario development. The Faculty in HUSS maintains an impressive record of research and publication. In 2015 we welcomed the Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries to the Department, bringing our academic staff total to 30+.

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Key Data 1992-93

Summated Rating Scale Construction: An Introduction (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

Demography is the statistical study of all human populations. Development studies a multidisciplinary branch of social science that addresses issues of concern to developing countries A Student's Guide to Methodology. Answering questions: methodology for determining cognitive and communicative processes in survey research Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases II (Social Indicators Research Series). Information learned from the initial focus groups can then be used to inform questionnaire construction for a population survey to collect hard numbers for baseline data Fundamentals of Action Research (SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods). Moreover, independent work in general rarely includes company benefits (e.g., paid time off, insurance) and does not provide the security of a constant source of income. On the other hand, independent work offers numerous benefits. Independent workers may enjoy a variety of assignments, and often more control over assignments download Linear Models in Social Research pdf. Of course, certain individual entries—whether A, B, C, or D level—do not conform exactly to these word counts, which are rather more guidelines than rigid standards Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies: Emerging Issues and Applications (S U N Y Series, Theory, Research, and Practice in Social Education) ... Research, & Practice in Social Education). In fact, critical theorists hold that that social science is a necessarily political enterprise. Mainstream social science modeled on naturalism, they charge, reinforces the status quo and serves the interests of the powerful, though usually unwittingly. In contrast, critical theory wears its values on it sleeve as an intentionally partisan endeavor on the side of liberation Research Methods: The Basics. The aim of the forum is to bring together academics and researchers from all areas of history, Asian history, Asian Studies and other related disciplines epub. The study of humanities can be traced back to ancient Greece. It was during the Roman times that the concept of seven liberal arts developed like; rhetoric and logic, grammar, music, astronomy, arithmetics, astronomy, and geometry. There was a great shift, however, to the study of humanities in the 15th century. It was after the 15th century that humanities was regarded as a subject to be studied rather than practiced epub.

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Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (pdf, 34 pages) The application deadline for both is November 21, 2016. Join us for a webinar on October 4, 2016, at 2pm ET, to learn more about the fellowship program and ask questions. The goal of the GRF program is to increase the pool of scholars engaged in research that addresses the challenges of crime and justice in the United States, particularly at the state and local levels online. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Content analysis: An introduction to its methodology. Focus groups: A practical guide for applied research (2nd ed.) Your Research Project: Designing and Planning Your Work (SAGE Study Skills Series). Table 3 shows the distributions of gender and bachelor's degree attainment, respectively, for each data set. The proportions of bachelor's degree holders in all three data sets are nearly identical. The de-identified data sets report slightly lower percentages of female students than the original data set download. The social sciences have also borrowed heavily from statistics, as is evident in the quantification of information obtained in the research process. The social sciences use an assortment of research methods. These include, but are not limited to, experiments, surveys, field research, content analysis, analysis of existing data, comparative research, and evaluative research (Mouton and Marais 1988) read Linear Models in Social Research online.

[ International Focus Group Research: A Handbook for the Health and Social Sciences[ INTERNATIONAL FOCUS GROUP RESEARCH: A HANDBOOK FOR THE HEALTH AND SOCIAL SCIENCES ] By Hennink, Monique M. ( Author )Nov-01-2007 Paperback

What is Online Research?: Using the Internet for Social Science Research (The 'What is?' Research Methods Series)

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Adventures in Social Research with SPSS Student Version: Data Analysis Using SPSS 14.0 and 15.0 for Windows

Satzewich finds that, rather than simply being about individual bias, decisions are based more broadly on the organizational culture and local knowledges IHS International Humanities Studies, Vol 1. No 1.December 2013 (Volume 1). A thesis for the Doctor of Philosophy must make a significant contribution to knowledge, be worthy of publication and give evidence of your ability to undertake further research without supervision Children Born outside Marriage: Who Cares?: Culture, Situation and the Law. Develop a research design outlining the specific steps you'll take to answer your research question. Determine whether to do a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods study. The qualitative method uses the researcher’s personal observations of the data to draw inferences, while the quantitative approach uses statistical analyses of the data The Essentials Of Factor Analysis. All these aspects are, however, not exactly related to these developments, but these developments do strengthen the forces that contribute to the shifts in priorities Social Networks and Health Promotion: The Case for HIV and AIDS Prevention in Uganda. Elster argues that the works of the ablest social observers in the Western tradition are replete with such mechanisms. Much of his analysis has focused on Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America and Paul Veyne’s Bread and Circuses, which explore the complex interaction between beliefs, desires and norms in, respectively, nineteenth-century American democracy and the political institutions of classical antiquity Study And Stimulants Or The Use Of Intoxicants And Narcotics In Relation To Intellectual Life As Illustrated By Personal Communications On The Subject From Men Of Letters And Of Science. So, the closer the knowing subjects' orientation to the interpretive paradigm, the shorter the distance between them and those other subjects who are being known. Nevertheless, a distance between the knower and the known, rendering the former "an impartial observer and the other to be subject to the observer's gaze" (SAVAGE, 2000, p.328), often persists in those who, despite carrying out qualitative research, cannot get rid of an empiricist ontology and epistemology. [16] As I have proposed in previous works (VASILACHIS DE GIALDINO 1992a, p.57), qualitative methods "presuppose and draw on interpretive paradigm assumptions," and the following are their four basic principles: 1. resistance to the "naturalization" of the social world; 2. relevance of the life-world concept; 3. transition from observation to understanding and from the external to the internal point of view; and 4. a recognition of double hermeneutics Utopic Dreams and Apocalyptic Fantasies: Critical Approaches to Researching Video Game Play.

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Intelligent Research Design: A Guide for Beginning Researchers in the Social Sciences

Creating and Verifying Data Sets with Excel

Multiple Indicators: An Introduction (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

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Beginning Statistics: An Introduction for Social Scientists

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How to Succeed in Your Social Science Degree (SAGE Study Skills Series)

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The Social Costs of Pornography: A Statement of Findings and Recommendations

Staff will be based at a research site in Sweetwaters, just outside Pietermaritzburg. The Human Sciences Research Council is seeking to appoint a driver to work within one of their research projects called Project Accept. The study is a community-based HIV/AIDS prevention intervention that attempts to impact on HIV incidence, risk behaviour, stigma and discrimination in communities in the Vulindlela area Empirical Political Analysis: Research Methods in Political Science (6th Edition). The classical liberals were right: Democracy, interdependence, and conflict, 1950–1985. International Studies Quarterly41267–294(1997). On the social psychology of the psychological experiment: With particular reference to demand characteristics and their implications American Heritage Journal of Creativity. The SpeakWrite TM program at the WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is committed to fostering students’ abilities in writing, speaking, visual presentations and multimedia communication. We recognize that being able to convey your message clearly and effectively is a skill that will help you as a student, and ultimately as a professional in your career Evaluation Foundations Revisited: Cultivating a Life of the Mind for Practice. Interacting With Computers — Using computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) to program, write software, set up functions, enter data, or process information Livelihoods and HIV/AIDS: A case study of Nhamoinesu village. So yes, if you are considering applying for the ReMa program, be prepared to tackle statistics again, and keep in mind that this plays a major part in psychological research and thus prepares you for what is yet to come. The ReMa not only gives me the chance to do research here at the University of Groningen, but also actively supports my plans of spending time abroad The SAGE Handbook of Innovation in Social Research Methods (Sage Handbooks). Thus a CI for a mean gives the investigator a sense of values of the population mean that seem reasonable, given sample values. Some investigators have suggested that CIs be used to increase the information provided by null hypothesis testing because CIs give information about potential effect sizes, about the statistical power of a study, and about comparability of results across different studies A Student's Guide to Methodology. This view is discussed in the final section of this article. Advocates of naturalism as well as of hermeneutics may agree that an important aim of social investigation is to uncover such unseen causal processes. However, proponents of the philosophical hermeneutics approach will insist that any such explanation must begin with an attempt to make sense of individuals on their own terms, with their own concepts and self-descriptions. “Interpretive social science,” Taylor says, “cannot by-pass the agent’s self-understanding” by creating some purportedly neutral scientific language. (1985b: 118) Gun Control: The Pros and Cons of the Issue. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Multivariate analysis of data in sensory science. The structure of science: Problems in the logic of scientific explanation. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett. Coding style and good computing practices 100 Statistical Tests. Conservatives can use the same studies and data to counter the arguments posed by the other side Secondary Analysis of Available Data Bases (Josse Bass Higher and Adult Education). Such data suggest that New Zealand social scientists not only produce a relatively low volume of publications by comparison with researchers in the broad fields of science and health, but also that their work is much less well cited (and thus of lower impact). Such conclusions, however, are open to serious question. First, a much lower proportion of the research published in the social sciences than in the biological and physical sciences appears in journal articles (or at least in the journals included in the Thomson ISI database) Matching, Regression Discontinuity, Difference in Differences, and Beyond.