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Students will learn grant writing, research methods, ethics, and budgets. How to Apply: Send letter of application, c.v., the names of three references, transcripts, and evidence of teaching ability to Chair, Cultural Anthropology Search Committee, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, G1 McElhaney, 441 North Walk, Indiana, PA 15705. After discussing the ultimate sources of culture change­discovery and innovation—they discuss some of what is known about the conditions under which people are likely to accept innovations.

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Surgery Junkies: Wellness and Pathology in Cosmetic Culture

But there’s long been an anthropological line: let’s take the term in its German sense, which just means trying to put order on knowledge. I’m totally comfortable with that—I claim science. But I don’t read the change as a real attack on the scientists, either. The critique of science isn’t from the majority of social and cultural anthropology, but it’s been a vocal piece at certain universities, of which ours is not one Ghetto at the Center of the World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong. Sartre's driving belief was in human freedom, the ability to choose not only a course of action but also what one would become. Neither Husserl, with his already structured and regulated consciousness, nor Heidegger, with his world that is already given meaning, left enough room for freedom Africa's Elusive Quest for Development. An open access model would provide many advantages, and is both economically feasible and technically well supported at this juncture. Here, we lay out a rough process and budget, inviting feedback. We were co-editors of Cultural Anthropology from 2006-2010. The experience made two indelible impressions on us: 1) the form of the academic journal and journal article – in which scholarly work is collectively cultivated, evaluated, improved, and then disseminated – is absolutely critical to preserve; and 2) any such scholarly work, but especially so for anthropologists, should and can be freely accessible to anyone who wants to read it, anywhere The Modern Middle East: A Reader. Roles in a Small Society: A Study of Mehinacu Indians (Ansley) Gregson, Ronald Edgar. Work and the Social Process: Agricultural Strategies Among the Tumbuka of the Henga Valley Mitchell, William E. Cognatic Descent Groups in an Urban-Industrial Society: The Jewish Kinship Clubs of New York City Price, Barbara Food Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods. Anthropology encompasses four major sub-disciplines: cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology and archaeology Understanding the Social Economy: A Canadian Perspective. Although the different colonial governments held different views about the speed with which the subject populations could be westernized and the degree of westernization that was desirable, they all found it necessary to have some regard for traditional customs regulating social status and interpersonal relations Hispanisms (Hispanic) and Homosexualities (13 Essays).

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The world turned for the worse in the 1970s and the other side in the Cold War gained a lot of intellectual credibility as a result. French structuralist Marxism and underdevelopment theories coming out of Latin America and the Middle East achieved widespread circulation among Anglophone economic anthropologists at this time Studies in Entertainment: Critical Approaches to Mass Culture (Theories of Contemporary Culture). The session was informative, but it was all stuff that I had already learned online. I politely interrupted her, and then proceeded to ask her the questions I had. Very informative, especially since she's a senior member of the department. (I agree, it wasn't a waste of time and she allowed me to ask questions). Has any one heard anything since their phone interviews? I don't think I personally did particularly well in mine BUT haven't heard ANYTHING since the Feb. 8 interview Cultural Studies and Beyond: Fragments of Empire. In this course, students will engage in a comparative study of the island cultures of Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Australia at the time of European contact. (3). 311. May be repeated once for credit. (3). 312. This course explores the diversity of Muslims and Islam in Europe and the United States from the holistic and comparative perspective of cultural anthropology Representing East Germany Since Unification: From Colonization to Nostalgia.

Alain Badiou: A Critical Introduction (Modern European Thinkers)

This class is scheduled to meet for 3 hours per week. Additional instructional activities for the course include viewing selected ethnographic films in the Trexler Library throughout the semester. The following procedures will be used to arrive at a student's final grade in this course: 1 The Sacred Void: Spatial Images of Work and Ritual among the Giriama of Kenya (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology). Many anthropologists use terms such as social suffering or structural violence to refer to the forms and effects of historically and structural embedded inequalities that cause excess illness, death, violence, and pain Bushido: The Soul of Japan. In his attempt to improve our ability to explain social process, Barth analyzed his Paṧtūn material—his purpose became clearer in later theoretical papers (e.g. 1966, 1981)—in terms of transactions and the pursuit of personal advantage rather than the then commonly used structural frameworks A Companion to Mexican History and Culture. The stolid, stilted narrator, while condescending and racist, illuminates both the "primitive" ways of the documentary's subjects and the social naivete of the film-makers Political Anthropology: An Introduction, 2nd Edition. Video/C MM261 This story of a Chhara tribal theatre group in Ahmedabad, India. The members of the Budhan Theatre are tribal rebels who were notified as "born criminals" by the British in 1871, and imprisoned in a labor camp in Ahmedabad Buddhist Symbols in Tibetan Culture : An Investigation of the Nine Best-Known Groups of Symbols. There are grounds for claiming that he discovered the concept of ‘embeddedness’ long before Polanyi Language, Sex and Social Structure: Analysing Discourses of Sexuality. A growing trend in anthropological research and analysis seems to be the use of multi-sited ethnography, discussed in George Marcus's article "Ethnography In/Of the World System: the Emergence of Multi-Sited Ethnography"]. Looking at culture as embedded in macro-constructions of a global social order, multi-sited ethnography uses traditional methodology in various locations both spatially and temporally download.

The Plains of the Great West and Their Inhabitants - Scholar's Choice Edition

Eco-Culture of Rajasthan: राजस्थान की पर्यावरणीय संस्कृति (Hindi Edition)

Red Scare Racism and Cold War Black Radicalism (Race, Rhetoric, and Media Series)

New Television, Globalisation, and the East Asian Cultural Imagination

Nine: An Anthology of Russia's Foremost Woman Writers

The Edwardians: The Remaking of British Society

Shui: with Statistical Data (China's Ethnic Groups Series)


The Indigenous World 2011

An Anthropological Analysis of Local Politics and Patronage in a Pakistani Village (Mellen Studies in Anthropology, V. 12)

Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity

Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead: The Day of the Dead in Mexico and Beyond

Fighting Colonialism with Hegemonic Culture: Native American Appropriation of Indian Stereotypes

Capital Culture: Gender at Work in the City (Studies in Urban and Social Change)

Peasants, Politicians and Producers: The Organisation of Agriculture in France since 1918 (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)

Culture of Complaint - The Fraying of America

Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Volume 1 (Advances in Culture) (Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research)

Us Mob Walawurru

Theoretical and geographical areas are open, but we are especially interested in scholars working in fields that include: climate change and the anthropocene, non-renewable resources, slow violence, food sovereignty, toxicity and chemical infrastructure, nature and natural disaster. Attention to issues of race and gender is welcome, as are candidates with experience working with environmental scientists The Choctaws: Cultural Evolution of a Native American Tribe. Post-election stalling in Ulaanbaatar: The case of Building No. 3 This blog is the fifth in a series of posts about Mongolia’s 2016 parliamentary elections that were held on June 29th download Golden Dragon and Purple Phoenix - The Chinese and Their Multi-Ethnic Descendants in Southeast Asia pdf. It is an elective affinity to the patient. This orientation becomes part of the practitioner's sense of self, and interpersonal skills become an important part of the practitioner's clinical resources [ 41 ]. It is what Franz Kafka said “a born doctor” has: “a hunger for people” [ 42 ]. And its main thrust is to focus on the patient as an individual, not a stereotype; as a human being facing danger and uncertainty, not merely a case; as an opportunity for the doctor to engage in an essential moral task, not an issue in cost-accounting [ 43 ] Golden Dragon and Purple Phoenix - The Chinese and Their Multi-Ethnic Descendants in Southeast Asia online. Over the last two centuries, a more restricted meaning of the word “race” has become common in English. In this case, a race designates one of a number of fundamental divisions within the human species. These races are usually described in biological terms, although people have most often claimed that behavioral and cultural differences between races exist as well Revisiting Colonial and Post-Colonial: Anthropological Studies of the Cultural Interface. Video/C 3580 The Maasai, a prosperous society of animal herders whose sustenence and wealth is their cattle, live primarily in the Rift Valley between Kenya and Tanzania. Women tend the cattle, bring up the children, clean mud from the village when it rains, and belong to a man's estate Warrior Lovers: Erotic Fiction, Evolution and Female Sexuality (Darwinism Today). Topic for 2016: Reproductive Anthropology can encompass all aspects of human reproduction and sexual/reproductive health, including: adolescent sexuality, fertility, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, birthing, adoption, breastfeeding, the health needs of LGBTQ communities, assisted reproductive technologies, masculinity & male infertility, reproductive health care in and across various care settings and in varying sociocultural and political-economic contexts locally, nationally, and internationally, the roles of race, class, gender, and nationality in all of the above, and many other topics online. What has come to be known as the Enlightenment is characterized by an optimistic faith in the ability of man to develop progressively by using reason. By coming to know both himself and the natural world better he is able to develop morally and materially, increasingly dominating both his own animal instincts and the natural world that forms his environment Second Star to the Right: Peter Pan in the Popular Imagination. L. ), Margaret Mead ( Mead, Margaret ), and Edward Sapir ( Sapir, Edward )—to go out and seek evidence of human behaviour among people in their natural environs, to venture into the field to gather facts and artifacts and record observable cultural processes Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis: A Dialogue on Language and Identity. Courses are listed here that are illustrative of the breadth of topics you are likely to experience were you to major in this field. The Binghamton University Department of Anthropology and the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) announce a new track in Public Archaeology within the existing MA degree in Anthropology Race : How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel about the American Obsession.