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DARK DIVAS While Celtic music has a darker side due to the gloom of the haunted moors and the curses that hang over doomed lovers, the more acoustical or synthe- sized sounds of the songs keep these motifs from becoming truly oppressive or from tapping into veins of deep anger, sorrow, despair, and lust. And when someone spikes a cup of tea with poison, Charlotte may end up in a lethal brew. The first couple to win TAFF was June and Len Moffatt in 1973.

Pages: 384

Publisher: Hachette Books; 1 edition (February 4, 2004)

ISBN: 0786868074

Banks Sisters 2 (The Banks Sisters)

Safe Harbor

In Her Shoes: A Novel

The Crimson Path of Honor

Victorian Ghosts in the Noontide: Women Writers and the 144 Supernatural. Columbia: University of Mis- souri Press, 1996. Haunted Greece and Rome: Ghost Stories from Classical Antiquity. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1998. Restless Spirits: Ghost Stories by American Women, 1872- 1926. Amherst: University of Massachu- setts Press, 1996 Sisters: Relation and Rescue in Nineteenth-Century British Novels and Paintings. Further Readings Helford, Elyce Rae. "The Future of Political Community: Race, Ethnicity, and Class Privilege in Novels by Piercy, Gomez, and Misha." Due, Tananarive Farmer, Nancy Gomez, Jewelle Hamilton, Virginia Hopkinson, Nalo Jewish Women Morrison, Toni Thomas, Sheree R. Yolen, Jane FANS AND FANDOM Ghost Stories Gothic Graphic Novels Horror Independent Comics Lost-Colony Stories Magical Realism New Weird Norse Mythology Pulp Science Fiction Queer Science Fiction Quest Fantasy Romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy Romantic Traditions in Science Fiction Slash Fiction Space Opera Sword and Sorcery Urban Fantasy Utopias Vampires Carol, Ave don Cosplay Editors, Fan Fan Fiction Filk Janus/ 'Aurora/New Moon Khatru Mohanraj, Mary Anne Quilter, Laura Slash Fiction Vidding GENRES Alternative History Arthurian Fantasy Comedic Science Fiction and Fantasy Dystopias Environmental Science Fiction Epic Fantasy Erotic Science Fiction Fairy Tales and Folklore Fan Fiction Feminist Science Fiction NATIONAL LITERATURES Australia Britain British Science Fiction Film Canada (English-Speaking) Canada (French-Speaking) China France Germany India Japan Latin and South America Norse Mythology Russia SEX AND GENDER Androgyny Asexuality Bisexuality Cyberbodies, Female Female Friendship Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2: Entries Feminisms Feminist Science Fiction Gender Genetic Engineering Homosexuality Janus/Aurora/New Moon Khatru Lesbians Pregnancy and Reproduction Queer Science Fiction Sex Changes Slash Fiction Transgender Transsexuality Women's Bookstores THEMES Amazons Androgyny Animals Architecture Artificial Life Asexuality Bisexuality Cloning Colonization Disability Education Female Friendship Feminisms Gender Genetic Engineering Homosexuality Languages and Linguistics Lesbians Marxism Neurodiversity Pregnancy and Reproduction Romantic Traditions in Science Fiction Sex Changes Transgender Transsexuality War and Peace VISUAL MEDIA Alien Battlestar Galactica British Science Fiction Film Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Cottington, Lady Cyberbodies, Female Bar scape Firefly '/Serenity Fontana, D The Red Siren (Charles Towne Belles Book 1).

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Let one character crack a joke, and you risk inviting a candy-colored cover and all of the attendant derision. But then, that derision isn’t reserved exclusively for the specific genre known as “chick lit.” As Rebecca Traister wrote in 2005, “Beating on ‘women’s’ fiction — and dismissing certain literary trends as feminine rubbish — has a history as long as the popular fiction itself.” Traister thoroughly documents the charges against chick lit — including the complaint of a 1999 Orange Prize judge that she had to read entirely too much of it — but situates them in a long line of rants about the supposed frivolity, excessive sentiment and limited scope of novels written by women Wise Children: A Novel (FSG Classics). The $1,000 To the Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Book Prizes are awarded annually to one woman’s unpublished poetry collection and one woman’s “everything but poetry” manuscript (respectively) Disorderly Sisters: Sibling Relations and Sororal Resistance in Nineteenth-Century British Literature.

All My Puny Sorrows

Hot Number

Women of Harvard Square

WisCon 28 in 2004 was chaired by Victor Raymond, who lived in Iowa. Many other out-of-town volunteers have taken on small and large responsibilities: editing and designing the WisCon 30 souvenir book, updating the website, working on the safety staff, writing for the at-con news- letter, helping in the art show, organizing the Tiptree auction, recruiting vol- unteers, running the "SignOut" (author signing event on Monday morning), and many other jobs The The Three Weissmanns of Westport. The couple lived at Appleton Manor, near Oxford, where she would eventually have been responsible for the normal duties of the mistress of the house and prepared to manage the rest of the estate in her husband’s absence Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor). The group's name became SF3: the Society for the Furtherance and Study of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The era of Madstf was over; SF3 was now the official name of the group Panther Prowling: An Otherworld Novel. A country parson and a reformer, Charles Kings- ley (1819-1875) was already known for his retold myths for children when he published an original fantasy The Water Babies in 1863. Though the moral message is a bit heavy-handed for today's reader, it has seen several printings with many excellent illustrators The Devil's Backbone. The Feminization of Quest- Romance: Radical Departures. Austin: Uni- versity of Texas Press, 1990. The Female Hero in Wom- en's Literature and Poetry. Michele Fry Quilter, Laura (1968- ) Laura Quilter is a lawyer and a librar- ian who has been responsible for creat- ing the most comprehensive and valuable collection of online resources for the feminist science fiction and fantasy community The Dangers of Mistletoe. Will learns that a plot is afoot to steal treasure, including the golden spike, from the vault-like mausoleum car Secret Refuge, A. Her vociferous disapproval of Meg's impending engagement to the impoverished Mr. Brooke becomes the proverbial "last straw" that actually causes Meg to accept his proposal. She appears to be strict and cold, but deep down, she's really quite soft-hearted. She dies near the end of the book, and Jo and Frederich Bhaer turn her estate into a school for boys Me & Emma.

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Her: A Memoir (Thorndike Press Large Print Biographies & Memoirs Series)

Wednesday's Child (A Day to Remember Series #3)

The narrator wakes in the far future, in a peaceful Utopia ruled by witches, where everyone worships this goddess; the peace is destroyed when he seduces two young witches who become jealous of his affections, ending in murder and suicide Love's Children. Rental, or sexually explicit anime, often has transgendered characters. Bodies That Matter: On the Dis- cursiue Limits of "Sex." Vested Interests: Cross- Dressing and Cultural Anxiety. In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Liues. New York: New York University Press, 2005. Pat Wheeler Transsexuality Transsexuals believe they are, or ought to be, the opposite of their birth sex and undergo hormone treatment or sex reassignment surgery in order to change their sex to the correct one Love on the Run (The Salinger Sisters #1). While the genre per- sists in its short-story form, it also melds and branches into the related genres or subgenres of futuristic fic- tion, "fairy" and fantasy fiction, horror film and fiction, and magical realism. Rowling's Death Eaters, defiance of death remains as terrifying, titillating, and weirdly comforting as ever. Fisher, Muriel Spark, Joyce Carol Oates, Joan Aiken, Mavis Gallant, and Penelope Lively have all written ghost stories Sisters: Devoted or Divided. S. conventions fund a hospitality suite and stock it with snacks and 298 WisCon beverages that are free to members, but WisCon 's hospitality suite probably ranks among the best of them in terms of providing a variety of both healthy and decadent foods and beverages to its members. Several other ambitious changes were made during or after WisCon 20: free professional child care services, a kids' programming room, a writers' workshop, an academic track, the Gathering (a festival/welcome to WisCon/ tea party), and a thematic reading track were added Another Man Will. So, once again, here are some stories that should win a Nobel Prize for discovering the long-term benefits of the universe's eventual heat death Sense and Sensibility (Word Cloud Classics). Suddenly Jack is back, and his explanations for why he left seem more and more plausible, and his declarations more seductive. But being Jack's latest tabloid accessory isn't on Keri Ann's career agenda, no matter how much she is attracted to him The Sisters Club. On the night of the 27th of November 1941, Zoya, together with two comrades, set fire to a building in the village of Petrischtschewo near Moscow. German soldiers quickly caught one of them - Wassilij Klubkow A Touch of Grace (Thorndike Christian Romance). The menace of rape and physical and psychological assault comes to the fore again in Ayashi no Ceres, as this later work presents as lush a vision as Fushigi Yuugi but pushes the representation of violence further. While the per- petrators of violence against women in Fushigi Yuugi are strangers or patently evil men, Ceres takes a more frightening turn, as the main character, Aya 132 Anime and Manga Mikage, is continually under threat of parricide once her family realizes that she is a conduit for the title character and mythological spirit, Ceres The Sparrow Sisters LP. While performing at a castle, Yann meets Sidonie, the daughter of a cruel marquis, and a scheming count murders one of the troupe of magicians. While staying with her aunt, Elizabeth finds a portrait of Eliza, known as Zee, an ancestor who looks just like her. Zee’s father died in the American Revolution, and her mother when their cabin was ambushed The Guest List.