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It is important to remember that the Act does not permit the SEC to directly supervise the investment decisions or activities of these companies or judge the merits of their investments. Our small business legal services and business law practice covers nearly every aspect of business law, transactions and litigations across a wide range of industries, including hospitality, mortuaries and the entertainment industry.

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Odometer Law (Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series)

Consumer Law and Policy in Australia and New Zealand

Bankruptcy and Debt under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The district court may, in its discretion, increase the award of damages to an amount not more than three times the actual damages sustained, but such increased damage award shall not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars Opinions and Decisions of the Railroad Commission Volume 22. Consumer protection lawyers handle a wide range of areas, including consumer fraud, product liability, false advertising, and other business "scams". Use FindLaw to hire a local consumer protection lawyer to uphold your rights against bad business practices Conflict Resolution Beneath The Gavel. Bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware and supported by 24 states, including Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia Consumer Transactions, Selected Statutes and Regulations (Statutory Supplement). Ideally the company secretary (who must be different from the director) should be present ONLINE CONSUMER PROTECTION: Theories of Human Relativism (Premier Reference Source). Code §§ 2303.054, 2302.053 Treatment Facilities Marketing Practices Act Tex. Health & Safety Code § 164.013 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act Tex. Code § 542.004 Private Child Support Enforcement Agencies Tex. Finance Code § 396.353(a) Private Action for Damages Authorized Tex. Code § 541.151 Occupational and Business Regulation Tex. Stat. art. 9020 § 9(c) Seller’s Disclosure of Tax Payments and Ins Consumer warranty law: Lemon law, Magnuson-Moss, UCC, mobile home, and other warranty statutes, with companion disk (The Consumer credit and sales legal practice series). Transfer of title/property If someone obtains goods which he does not own, and sells those goods without the authority or consent of the owner, the buyer gets no better title than the person purporting to sell the goods (SOGA, s.21(1)), also known by the Latin phrase nemo dat quod non habet (no-one may dispose of what he does not own) Consumer Warranty Law: Lemon Law, Magnuson-Moss, UCC, Manufactured Home, and Other Warranty Systems, 2014 Supplement. If your company extends credit to consumers, you must comply with these laws. Below, you'll find a list of the main federal laws. Check with your attorney regarding these laws prior to extending credit to consumers, and about any state laws that may apply, such as usury laws Consumers or Victims?.

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This means that the debtor is retrospectively effectively prevented from selling any heritage he may own with effect from the date of sequestration. Once the award is granted, all the debtor’s estate at the time of the award until his discharge belongs to his creditors The Alabama Lemon Law - When Your New Vehicle Goes Sour (Lemon Law books Book 34). Breach of warranty = Breach of Contract Federal act does not require that sellers give warranties; sets minimum standard for sellers who give written warranties on products costing more than $15 when a description of the goods or a sample model is part of contract, there is an express warranty that all goods should conform to the description, sample, or model merchant warrants that the goods in which he normally deals with should be deliver to a buyer free of claims for patent, copyright or trademark infrigement Restitution or rescission of the contract without damages; Condemnation and seizure of the consumer product found to be hazardous to health and safety, unless the respondent files a bond to answer for any damages or injury that may arise from the continued use of the product; The impositon of administrative fines in such amount as deemed reasonable by the Secretary, which shall in no case be less than Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) nor more than Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (P300,000.00) depending on the gravity of the offense, and an additional fine of not more than One Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) for each day of continuing violation. "Philippines Consumer Protection Law" was written by admin under the Business category The Alaska Lemon Law - When Your New Vehicle Goes Sour.

Bankruptcy Fundamentals for the Financial Services Industry: A Handbook for Non-Lawyers

Prudential Insurance Company of America [xxxii] ( � � plaintiff�s causes of action for...violations of ( GBL 349, 350 ) were properly sustained over defendants� objections that, under Public Health Law 4406, the responsibility for regulating the contracts of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) lies with the Commissioner of the Department of Health Fair Trading in EC Law: Information and Consumer Choice in the Internal Market. We have extensive experience with consumer bankruptcies for individuals who own small businesses. We can provide meaningful bankruptcy representation to: The type of business you own, whether the debt is personal debt or business debt, and other factors will be used to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you and your situation HANDBOOK OF CONSUMER LAW. If any of the above applies, then you have a legal obligation to declare yourself as a business seller. Declaring yourself as a private seller, even though you are acting as a business, is misleading to potential consumers and breaks consumer protection law and eBay policies Consumer Law in the EEC. L. � 349 plaintiffs must prove reliance on false advertising to establish a violation of G. Robert�s American Gourmet Food, Inc. [ccxiv], ( a class of consumers of Pirate�s Booty, Veggie Booty and Fruity Booty brands snack food alleged defendant�s advertising � made false and misleading claims concerning the amount of fat and calories contained in their products � The Nebraska Lemon Law - When Your New Vehicle Goes Sour. At the same time, directors ought to address their minds to what they are supposed to be doing as directors, which is furthering the interests of the company of which they are a director (Bishopsgate Investment Management Ltdv Maxwell (No.2) [1994] 1 All ER 261, [1993] BCLC 1282 (CA)) International Perspectives on Consumers' Access to Justice. Legal issues include criminal offense elements or components, defenses, sentencing ranges and types of punishment, blue sky laws or state securities regulations and exemptions, administrative and enforcement actions, evidence of fraud or material misrepresentations, federal preemption (priority over state law), and availability of civil remedies. Sex Crimes: Sex crimes or sexual offenses concern criminal offenses associated with sex or sexual acts or activities involving force or the threat of force, underage participants, or persons who are incapacitated or incapable of giving consent Seduction by Contract: Law, Economics, and Psychology in Consumer Markets by Bar-Gill, Oren (2013) Paperback.

CONSUMER BANKING AND PAYMENTS LAW: Credit, Debit and Stored Value Cards; Checks; Money Orders; E-Sign; Electronic Banking and Benefit Payments (2008 SUPPLEMENT)

Consumer Product Safety (European Business Law Library) by Geraint G. Howells (1999-01-04)

Cases, Materials And Text On Consumer Law Publisher: Hart Publishing (UK)

Consumer Contract Legislation: Understanding the New Law (Blackstone's Guide)

Fight a Motoring Ticket Kit: How to Claim Against Parking, Speeding and Other Motoring Offences

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Competition Law in times of Economic Crisis : in Need of Adjustment ?: GCLC Annual Conference Series (Global Competition Law Centre Book 4)

Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws Publisher: Privacy Journal

Federal regulation of consumer-creditor relations

The Consumer and the Law

Limit penalties or other charges for delinquency, default or early termination, to amounts which are reasonable in light of the anticipated or actual harm caused by the delinquency, default or early termination The Consumer and the Law. Outdoor World Corp. [dvi] ( misrepresenting availability and quality of vacation campgrounds; Vallery v. Bermuda Star Line, Inc. [dvii] ( misrepresented cruise ); Pellegrini v. Landmark Travel Group [dviii] ( refundability of tour operator tickets misrepresented ); People v. Travel, Inc. [dix] ( Attorney General charges travel agency with fraudulent and deceptive business practices in failing to deliver flights to Spain or refunds )]; See also: Dickerson, Travel Law, Law Journal Press, N Major law library tenth anniversary of establishment of the hospital recovery Series norms on environmental obligations: the obligation to construct environmental citizen consumer horizon(Chinese Edition). Although the Consumer Fraud Act is expansive and covers many transactions and many "persons", it does have its limits Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 2011 Supplement (The consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series). L. � 397 provides that � no person...shall use for advertising purposes...the name...of any non-profit corporation ...without having first obtained the written consent of such non-profit corporation �. In Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc. v. Figaro Systems, Inc. [ccxxi] the Met charged a New Mexico company with unlawfully using its name in advertising promoting its � � Simultext � system which defendant claims can display a simultaneous translation of an opera as it occurs on a stage and that defendant represented that its system is installed at the Met � )] Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice. The trustee may get his hands on pensions, proceeds of policies, raise court actions, and may sell heritable and moveable estate. Post-sequestration capital assets (or more accurately any estate vesting in the debtor after the date of sequestration and before discharge) are known as acquirenda and the trustee is entitled to them (s.32(6)). So if a debtor inherits money or wins the pools those funds must be used to pay his creditors and the debtor is supposed to inform the trustee of his good fortune (s.32(7)) Products Liability and Safety, Cases and Materials, 5th Edition, 2009 Case and Statutory Supplement (Academic Statutes). The procedure is as follows: The consumer must give written notice of a billing error, in a letter, within 60 days of receiving the bill in question. The creditor must respond within 30 days and resolve the dispute within two billing cycles, but not longer than 90 days. Within 90 days, the creditor must either explain why the bill is correct or correct the error. During the resolution period no collection activity is permitted on the disputed amount and no finance charges may be collected as well Consumer Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for a Common Law of Europe (Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe). A commercial lease is a lease or transfer of possession and use of goods from a lessor or owner to a lessee or possessor. Generally, commercial leases must be in writing and must describe the goods leased and the lease's duration. An attorney should be consulted to review proposed commercial leases and to advise on contract modifications, risk of loss, default or repudiation, delivery problems, warranties, creditor claims, and enforcement Consumer Credit (United Kingdom comparative law series). Cessation of unlawful conduct after such prior contact shall not render such court action moot under any circumstances, and such injunctive relief shall lie even if such person has ceased such unlawful conduct after such prior contact Law of Consumer Protection Principles and Practice, Being : A Study of the Consumer Protection Act - 1986. Ohio law gives consumers right to cancel some contracts but there's always a catch: Plain Dealing If you want to clean up on a bet, ask people if Ohio law gives them three days to cancel a contract to buy a car Guide to Consumer Law : The Easyway - 2016 (Easyway Guides) by David Marsh (2016-01-25).